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Comprehensively explain the purpose and meaning of the crusher and the factors affecting crushing



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Simply put, the crusher is used to crush materials. Crushing is an important operation in industrial sectors such as mineral processing, coal processing, metallurgy, construction, road construction, cement, alumina, non-metallic mineral processing, and thermal power generation. The product size of crushed materials is about 1mm5mm, that is The use of external force to break large pieces of material into small pieces. It is to provide raw materials with a particle size that meets the technological requirements for the subsequent process and is convenient for storage and transportation. The crushing process is a complex material block size change process, which is related to many factors.

The purpose of crushingIn the industrial sectors such as metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, etc., a large amount of raw materials and reused wastes need to be processed by crushers every year. For example, in a concentrator, in order to make the useful minerals in the ore reach For monomer separation, it is necessary to use a crusher to crush the raw ore to the particle size required by the grinding process. The mill then grinds the raw material provided by the crusher to the particle size of the useful mineral monomer separation. In a cement plant, the raw material must be crushed In order to burn the mature material, the clinker is then ground into cement with a mill. In addition, in the construction and road construction industry, it is necessary to use crushing machinery to crush the raw materials to the particle size required by the next operation. In the ceramic plant of the coking plant, the sintering plant The glass industry powder metallurgy and other departments must use crushing machinery to crush the raw materials to the particle size required by the next operation.

The meaning of crushing is in the chemical and power sector, crushing and grinding machinery crushes, grinds, and increases the raw materials. The surface area of the material is reduced, and the time for the chemical reaction of the material is created favorable conditions. With the rapid development of industry and the rapid reduction of resources, the reuse of waste materials in the production of various departments is very important, and the reprocessing of these waste materials requires Crushing with crushing machinery. Therefore, crushing machinery plays an important role in many sectors.

2.2.2 The mechanical properties of ore and the choice of hammer crusher.

Impact The factors of the crusher are the strength, hardness, toughness, shape, size, humidity, temperature, density and homogeneity of the material, as well as external conditions such as the interaction and distribution of the material blocks at the moment of crushing. The above factors have caused the complexity of the crushing process. So far, a unified and complete theory has not been drawn to explain and guide the practice of crushing. Crushing must occur when external forces work on the material and overcome the cohesion between its particles. The size of the cohesion is also very different for the same material, and the cohesion can be It is divided into two types. One is the force between the particles inside the crystal, and the other is the force between the crystal and the crystal. The two have the same physical properties, but the values are different. The first type of cohesion is higher than the second type of cohesion. Many times larger. The size of the cohesion depends on the nature and structure of the crystal itself in the material block, and is also related to the defects in the structure. These defects may be macroscopic and microscopic damage cracks, which weaken the connection between the crystals .According to the structure of the crystal and the nature of the force between the particles, the cohesive force within the crystal can be calculated theoretically. As for the size of the cohesive force between the crystals, and the influence caused by the factors that reduce the solidity of the material, it is not yet possible to accurately calculate.