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A 600-ton crawler-type construction waste crushing station in one hour gave this city beautician a thumbs up



2020-12-24 09:57:54 1121

Under the dim street lights in the early morning, sanitation workers as urban beauticians have been fighting in the streets and alleys, let us give them a thumbs up, and as a new era of urban beauticians, crawler construction waste crushing stations have also been made for our urban development. For a great contribution, in a building demolition site on the South Third Ring Road in Zhengzhou, a 600-ton crawler-type construction waste crushing station worked tirelessly in one hour. Let us give this city beautician a compliment.

Crawler mobile crushing station job site

One, the crushing effect achieved

1, broken bricks, waste stones, concrete and other construction waste have Very good results, the realization of crushing and screening integrated processing, can fully meet the crushing and screening requirements of customers.

2, flexible movement, realizing free transition operations, wide application range, and environmental protection It has strong adaptability, can drive on ordinary roads, and can also adapt to more complicated mountainous areas, and realize in-situ processing.

3, simplifies the process, and can complete the coarse crushing of the building at one time. For fine crushing processing, users have different processing requirements, and different forms of crawler construction waste crushing stations can be configured.

Second, recognition and praise from users from different regions

1, Huaian, Jiangsu

Picture display on site of construction waste crushing and recycling in Huaian, Jiangsu

The customer bought a HX1349HD125 mobile crusher and a type A dual power The feeder screening crawler mobile crushing station is used for the crushing of construction waste in the early stage, and the finished product is used for the concrete mixing plant. It is planned to be used for bluestone crushing in the later stage. One piece of equipment is used as several units, which can be described as a good product with low investment and high yield.

2,Shandong Jining

Shandong Jining construction waste crushing scene picture show

Shandong Jining this customer processed The composition of construction waste is complex, including bricks, waste rocks, concrete, wood, plastic, gypsum, mortar, steel, non-metal, etc. In order to improve the performance of the finished aggregate, the whole machine is equipped with a drum screen, which can effectively control the feed, which brings customers an ideal

Gold Mine crawler-type construction waste crushing plant workshop display

One hour 600 tons of crawler-type construction waste crushing station urban construction waste It has been widely used in the field of treatment. It is currently a more effective and environmentally friendly method of processing construction waste. The future investment prospects are bound to be broader. Understand the relevant quotation parameters of the 600-ton crawler construction waste crushing plant in one hour. Please consult our customer service. Gold Mine Machine will provide you with a crawler-type construction waste crushing station with better quality, high production and fair prices, and more discounts are waiting for you