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Correct operation procedure of vibrating feeder



2020-12-03 09:57:54 1106

In production, the vibrating feeder is responsible for supplying the block granular materials from the storage bin to the receiving device uniformly and regularly. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical and building materials industries. It has the advantages of simple structure, high efficiency, and convenient operation.

1 Preparation before starting the vibrating feeder

(1) On-duty record mainly records the problems in production, which should be dealt with before starting The problem of staying in the previous shift.

(2) Check whether the internal groove spring is damaged.

(3) Check whether the fasteners of the vibration feeder are there Loose.

(4) Check whether the lubricating oil in the exciter meets the standard.

(5) Check whether the drive belt is intact.

(6) Inspection of protective devices to remove potential safety hazards.

2 Safe start of vibrating feeder

(1) Machine and Only when the transmission part is normal can it be started and ensure that the vibrating feeder is started without load.

(2) After starting, if any abnormality is found, stop immediately.

3 Correct operation of the vibrating feeder

(1) The vibrating feeder must wait until the vibrating feeder is stable before it can run with materials, and it should not exceed the feeder Load range.

(2) It is forbidden to stop with material or continue feeding after the stop when it is stopped. The stop should be carried out according to the process sequence.