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A big analysis of the concept of minerals, ore, and beneficiation



2020-07-03 12:57:54 1103

What is the concept of a mineral and ore

The natural compound or natural element in the mineral crust with fixed chemical composition and physical properties. The ore is the content of a certain component or certain components in the rock, based on the current production When technology can be extracted and utilized economically, the rock is called ore.

The concept of ore is developed. With the continuous development of industrial technology and the increasing needs of the countrys economy, it was useful in the past. The low component content and regarded as waste rock can now be treated as ore.

Second, what is mineral processing

The ore is crushed, The process of separating useful minerals and gangue minerals from each other, and then enriching useful minerals, and discarding most of the gangue, is called beneficiation or mineral engineering or mineral processing. Just like a jaw crusher, there should be three Phase maintenance plan.

Mining can recover the symbiotic useful minerals into separate concentrates as much as possible, remove harmful impurities, and comprehensively recycle various useful ingredients, so as to make Chinas mineral resources more even Economical and reasonable utilization.

Three Why beneficiation is an indispensable and important part of the metallurgical industry

The ore mined from the mine is generally of low grade, such as many iron ore Stone contains only 2030% iron, and copper ore contains only 0.51% copper. Such low-grade ores are directly smelted, which is not only technically difficult, but also economically uneconomical. Therefore, for low-grade ores, beneficiation methods are required before smelting , Separate the gangue and useful minerals in the ore, improve the grade, and produce raw materials suitable for smelting requirements.

In addition, the ore often contains several useful components such as copper, lead, zinc or copper, zinc, copper, iron, etc. They must be recycled as much as possible. To achieve this purpose, only the beneficiation can be completed well. In addition to useful components, the ore often contains harmful impurities. In the smelting, the harmful impurities entering the metal will affect the quality of the metal, and sometimes make the smelting The process is complicated, and it is even difficult to carry out. For example, the harmful impurities in copper and lead ore are zinc and zinc ore. The harmful impurities in iron ore are sulfur and phosphorus. These harmful impurities must be removed or reduced as much as possible before smelting. Within the scope of product quality standards.

So, with the development of the metallurgical industry, the status and role of beneficiation have become very important and become an indispensable important link in the metallurgical industry.