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Customers are optimistic about cone crushers



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The Gold Mine brand cone crusher has always been the main trend of the purchase of construction railway sand and gravel customers with the three characteristics of large output, high efficiency and high quality. However, traditional cone crushers produce more sand and gravel flakes, and the stability of the stone is poor. Many customers are worried and do not dare to use it with confidence. However, the Gold Mine brand impact crusher has occupied a large market with its superior cubic stable grain shape. Height, occupying new fields and opening up new situations.

Cone Crusher, Hard Rock Nemesis

Five Features of Gold Mine Cone Crusher

(1) Our companys cone crusher The crusher has a hydraulic system to adjust the size of the crushers discharge day, and the hydraulic system can effectively ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

(2) The cone crusher produced by our company ranges from coarse crushing to Four specifications of the cavity are designed for fine crushing, and it has six possible combinations, which means that it can better meet the special requirements of users.

(3) Our companys cone crusher adopts The labyrinth seal device replaces the water seal used in the past, so that dust and impurities cannot enter the body of the human body, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the lubricating oil, extending the service life of the sliding bearing thrust ball bearing, and making the machine run reliably.

(4) The cone crusher produced by our company is equipped with a clip on the crushing wall, which is fixed with bolts. The lower crushing wall is fixed with hydraulic nuts. The back of the upper and lower crushing walls is not required Add any filling material, so the replacement is fast, reducing the labor intensity of workers

(5) The cone crusher produced by our company uses a high-pressure-resistant displacement sensor, and the position of the discharge port is adjusted It is carried out in the operating room. As long as a button is pressed, there is a display on the operating table, and you can see the size of the discharge port that needs to be adjusted, which is very convenient and accurate.

There are many types of cone crushers and many models.

Gold Mine Cone Crusher Crushing Site

Hearing is fictitious and seeing is believing, the following will show you the Gold Mine cone crusher crushing Feel the great charm of the cone crusher at the rock site.

Crushing mountains and rocks by the cone crusher in Sanmenxia, Henan

Hubei cone crusher crushing site

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