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Detailed introduction to the choice of roller crusher hardware



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The double-roller crusher can also become a double-roller crusher, which is suitable for crushing medium-hard materials in the fields of cement, chemical, electric, metallurgical, building materials, refractory materials, such as limestone, slag, coke, and other materials. The machine optimizes the tooth shape design, selective crushing by tensile and shear force, high yield and low consumption, uniform grain output, especially in the crushing of large pieces of material, which is unmatched by many other crushers, and plays an important role in Chinas mining crushing industry. .

In order to run the roller crusher with high output and high quality, the choice of its hardware is especially important. Lets introduce the choice of roller crusher hardware in detail.

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1 Main circuit motor selection

Compared with roller crusher motor The best choice is Y315S8 type three-phase asynchronous motor, its rated power is 55KW, rated voltage is 220V, rated current is 110A, rated speed is 740rmin, rated efficiency is 92%, rated frequency is 50Hz, and the rated torque of the motor is 1.6NM , The maximum torque of the motor is 2.0NM, and the minimum torque is 1.0NM.

2 Oil pump motor selection

For roller crusher oil pump motor, DC24V75WVB DC oil pump motor series can be used , Power input 220V, output 24V, motor voltage 24V75W, adjustable speed, oil pump outlet displacement 0.10.5L min.

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3 Current transformer selection

Current transformer is a special transformer for measurement. The working principle is the same as that of the transformer. They all use electromagnetic induction. It works only for different purposes. It has two mutually insulated coils, which are sheathed on a closed iron core column. The coil connected in series with the line under test in the circuit is called the primary side, and the one connected to the instrument is called the secondary side. The function of the current transformer is to convert the primary current with a larger value into a secondary current with a smaller value through a certain transformation ratio, which is used for protection measurement and other purposes.

4Current Transmitter Select

All kinds of physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, speed, angle, etc. that are generally required to be measured in the industry need to be converted into analog electrical signals before they can be transmitted to the control room or display equipment hundreds of meters away. The device that converts physical quantities into electrical signals is called a transmitter. Current transmitter is a device that converts AC current into a proportional output and standard DC current independent of the load. It is widely used in various industries such as metallurgy, power, petrochemical, coal, water supply, etc. Electrical measurement, automatic control and dispatching system for current measurement and control are required.

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High-quality counter-roll crusher is a prerequisite for high production. It is recommended that users choose When crushing the machine, do not blindly pay attention to the price of the equipment, but should consider the configuration, performance, output and after-sales of the equipment, and compare multiple manufacturers to choose the best. Users who are interested in double-roll crushers can learn about Henan Gold Mine, a professional A direct sales manufacturer that produces and sells large-scale mining equipment and has been engaged in the crushing machinery industry for more than forty years. The old brands of large manufacturers are more trustworthy.

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