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Effective protection method for broken jaw



2020-08-27 12:57:54 1143

The jaw crusher is not only used in the sand production line, the beneficiation production line, and the grinding production line, but also in all walks of life, all over the country. I think the role of the jaw crusher does not need to be emphasized. Since it is so important, it makes people a headache It is that the jaw plate of the jaw crusher wears too fast. We must constantly replace the jaw plate of the jaw crusher. In order to help you solve this hatred as soon as possible, now Gold Mine Machine will teach you some protection of the jaw crusher. The effective method of the jaw plate allows you to avoid frequent replacement of the jaw plate of the jaw crusher.

The strength and abrasion resistance of the jaw plate are not good. The method to solve the wear of the jaw plate of the jaw crusher The newly installed jaw plate must be fixed tightly, installed well, and the surface of the machine is in smooth contact. A layer of plastic material can be placed between the jaw plate and the surface of the machine. Enter each batch The materials of the crusher must be inspected randomly. Once the nature of the material changes significantly, the parameters of the crusher must be changed in time to make it match the incoming material. The jaw plate must be selected with high hardness, wear resistance and resistance. Strong materials, cement companies with mine crushing production line technology, can exchange the coarse crushed mine and fine cement with the worn jaw plate. The worn jaw plate can be repaired by surfacing. In addition, it is in the working process. Pay attention to the normal operation of the crusher before starting to feed. The crushed materials should be evenly added into the crushing cavity. Side feeding or full filling should be avoided to prevent unilateral overload or overload. Under normal conditions, the temperature rise of the bearing does not exceed 35 , The temperature does not exceed 70. If it exceeds 70, the machine should be shut down immediately. The feeding work should be stopped before the cause is found and eliminated. After the crushed material in the crushing chamber is completely discharged, the motor can be turned off. The material in the cavity is blocked and causes the parking. The motor should be turned off immediately. The material must be removed before the start can be restarted. After one end of the gear plate is worn, the adjustable head can be used.