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Eight magic weapons for cone crushers to seize the market



2020-06-26 18:57:53 1134

Cone crusher, also known as cone crusher or hard rock cone crusher, is a sharp tool for crushing high-hardness stones. It is a commonly used medium crushing equipment. It is widely used in various sand and gravel production lines and is very popular among sand and gravel users. So in many crushing equipment, how does the cone crusher stand out and seize the market? Here is a detailed analysis for everyone.

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Eight technical advantages of cone crusher

(1) The cone crusher adopts the principle of extrusion crushing, with large crushing ratio, high production efficiency and multi-purpose In a large-scale stone plant

(2) The cone crusher adopts a better crushing cavity design, which reduces the consumption of vulnerable parts, especially in the crushing of hard rock, with high output and low wear

(3) The cone crusher is laminated and crushed and the finished product has excellent grain shape. It has excellent hydraulic protection and high automation of hydraulic cavity cleaning to reduce downtime.

(4) The cone crusher adopts thin oil lubrication, The lubrication speed is faster and more sufficient, reliable and advanced, and effectively improve the service life of the equipment.

(5) The cone crusher has multiple cavities and flexible switching. One machine can realize the coarse, medium and fine crushing of stones. Strong practicality

(6) The cone crusher has simple structure, stable operation, low failure rate, and low operating cost in the later stage of stone crushing.

(7) Cone Cone crusher has a high degree of automation, convenient operation and use, and it is also very convenient for later maintenance.

(8) Cone crusher has large capacity, good finished products, easy to control, reliable and flexible , Really create more value for users.

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Compared with traditional crushers, cone crushers The crusher not only has a large crushing ratio, fine and uniform product size, but also has low unit power consumption. The humidity requirements of the crushed materials of this machine are not too demanding. It is also suitable for any hard and brittle materials and can be used for the crushing of various minerals. The eight major technical advantages of the cone crusher prove the good application prospects of the machine in the field of mineral processing.

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