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Environmental protection characteristics of cone crusher itself



2020-10-03 12:57:54 1152

Nowadays, the environment is being destroyed more and more seriously, and the slogan of environmental protection is getting louder and louder. It is the responsibility of each of us to protect the environment. The newly launched cone crushers on the market have environmental protection characteristics, which are reflected in detail. In which aspects are examples for everyone to explain.

The application of cone crushers for construction waste crushing is currently very extensive. For crushing construction waste, on the one hand, From the consideration of urban environmental protection, it is necessary to comply with the national regulations on the treatment of urban construction waste, which requires the use of cone crushers to have environmental protection and energy saving characteristics, and to reduce noise and dust during the production process. On the other hand, the pace of promoting urbanization is still accelerating. The call for resource utilization of construction waste is getting louder and louder, and the requirement for the amount of construction waste crushing is also a rigid inspection indicator. The production capacity of cone crushers It is also an important aspect.
According to an estimate of 5 billion tons of newly generated construction waste in China by 2020, if these construction waste can be crushed and converted into ecological building materials, the value created can reach 1 trillion yuan. However, China At present, there are only more than 20 companies engaged in construction waste crushing and recycling, and the national recycling rate is only about 5%. With the increasing attention of government departments to environmental construction, construction waste treatment will soon usher in more powerful national policies Support and broad market space.
The energy-saving cone crusher newly produced by our company solves the problem of environmental protection. The cone crusher adopts a hydraulic cavity cleaning system to reduce downtime. Each specification of the crusher cavity There are many types, users can choose different cavity types according to different needs, so that environmental protection and economic benefits can achieve double harvest.