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Four advantages of heavy hammer crusher



2020-10-30 09:57:54 1127

The heavy hammer crusher is suitable for mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, highway combustion and other departments to finely crush medium-hard and brittle materials. The grate gap can be adjusted according to user requirements, and the discharge particle size can be changed to meet the different needs of different users. General Used in various industries, from the brick factory alone, crushing and destroying coal gangue, shale, slag, cinder, limestone, construction slag and other materials. So what are the advantages of heavy hammer crushers?

One adopts double rotors in series

The heavy hammer crusher adopts two sets of rotors connected in series to transport the materials to the heavy At the inlet of the hammer crusher, the material in the crushing and destroying cavity through the upper-level rotor immediately enters the rapidly twisted lower-level rotors hammer head to be finely crushed again, and the materials in the crushing and destroying cavity quickly collide, crush and destroy each other, forming a hammer The powder is the result of crushing and destruction, and then directly discharged from the discharge port, forming material particles with a discharge size of less than 3 mm. This particle can meet the needs of brick manufacturers as an internal combustion brick.

Second, there is no requirement for the moisture content of the material.

The heavy hammer crusher has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high efficiency, strong usability, etc., and the ring hammer The design of the crusher has no screen grate bottom, and there is no requirement for the moisture content of the material. There is no problem of clogging the screen plate at all, and there is no problem that the material cannot be discharged in real time, repeatedly broken and destroyed, so the crushing and destruction efficiency is high. , There is no ineffective wear of the hammer.

Three wear-resistant combined hammers are used.

The hammers of the ring hammer crusher are completely forged with train wheels, and then The hammer head is processed by heat treatment to strengthen the wear resistance and toughness. It is more and more suitable for the wear resistance of materials with different hardness.

Four hydraulic electric starter shell
Operate with an electric oil pump, open and close the lock at will, reversing the oil valve, and change the serious safety hazards that the previous manual pump could not be pulled, and the user is safer in the application process and maintenance process.