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Frame and supporting device of jaw crusher



2020-08-08 21:57:54 1111

The jaw crusher is one of the crushing equipment widely used in Chinas mineral processing plants. It is considered to be the more cumbersome kind of crushing equipment, but there are also heavy and middle hands, and the frame and supporting device are more of the jaw crushers.Here we briefly introduce the bulky parts.

The frame needs to have sufficient strength because it has to withstand the strong squeezing force of the crushed material. Cast steel can be used for integral casting, but with the specifications of the crusherThe increase in the size and the heavier frame has brought great difficulties to transportation and manufacturing. Therefore, the frame of the large jaw crusher is made into a combination of upper and lower parts (or several parts).The bearings of the movable jaw suspension shaft and the eccentric shaft.

Large and medium-sized crushers generally use sliding bearings cast with babbitt alloy, which can withstand larger impact loads and are more wear-resistant, butThe transmission efficiency is low and forced lubrication is required. Small crushers mostly use rolling bearings, which have high transmission efficiency, easy maintenance, and poor impact resistance. With the improvement of rolling bearing manufacturing technology, large jaw crushers will also be used in the futureRolling bearings.