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From material to design, look at the secrets of longevity of Epo



2020-12-20 12:57:54 1124

The jaw crusher is abbreviated as the jaw crusher. The jaw crusher is the main equipment for coarse ore crushing. It is commonly used in the initial crushing link of various crushing production lines. The reason why the jaw crusher is widely used is due to its high crushing strength and reasonable structure design. , Is more economical and durable. The material and design of the jaw break directly affect the life of the whole machine. Gold Mine Machine will analyze the longevity secrets of the jaw from the material and design of the jaw.


The jaw breaker is mainly composed of the main shaft of the frame jaw plate side guard plate, which are several main components of the jaw breaker. The jaw breaker jaw plate can be made of integral casting structure or welded , Small jaw breakers generally use integral casting, and large jaw breakers are generally welded.

The welding quality and material of the frame frame are important factors affecting the life of the jaw breaker. The jaw breaker frame is generally used Casting or steel plate welding is mainly used, and the material is cast steel. Through welding stress relief and shot peening, the cast steel has strong durability and high overall surface finish, which makes the jaw break beautiful and long life.

Jaw plateThe jaw plate is the main crushing part of the jaw breaker. The interaction of the jaw breaker causes the ore to be crushed by extrusion, splitting and breaking. The jaw plate is made by mechanical processing and is mostly made of high manganese steel. The jaw plate is divided into a fixed jaw plate and a static jaw plate. The jaw plate made of high manganese steel has the advantages of strong compression resistance, good wear resistance and long life.

Edge guards The plate is used to protect the whole machine. The side guards are mostly made of high-manganese steel. High-manganese steel is a high-strength steel that has a stronger ability to withstand impact, extrusion and wear. It is now also generally applicable to engine under-protection Plate.

The main bearing of the main shaft refers to the eccentric shaft of the broken jaw. The main bearing has to withstand greater pressure during the crushing process. The material is generally high-quality alloy carbon structural steel, such as 40Cr, etc. It is produced by various processes such as mechanical processing and heat treatment, with very good mechanical properties and durability.

Second, design

After Continuous improvement and innovation, the structure of the jaw breaker has been streamlined, and it is no longer as cumbersome as the traditional jaw breaker. The whole machine is simple to operate and maintain. The hydraulic cover opening device is used, which is more convenient for maintenance and repair, which effectively reduces the downtime. After the jaw breaker is configured Through the observation door, the operator can grasp the crushing status at any time, and it can also facilitate the maintenance of related parts. The crushing cavity of the broken jaw has been deepened, and there is no crushing dead zone. The dust particles are effectively collected during the crushing process, and there is no dust pollution. The professional safety alarm system ensures production safety and effectively extends the life of the whole machine.

The longer life of the jaw is mainly due to its wear-resistant material, advanced design, and more jaw-breaking materials. For details on the price of Epo configuration, please consult the technicians of Gold Mine Machine for free, or call 037167772727 for free