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1315 how many tons of output per hour counterattack



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The full name of 1315 impact crusher is PF1315 impact crusher. It is a crushing equipment with large demand on the market. It has the characteristics of large capacity, small particle size of the finished product, and compressive strength of up to 350 MPa. It is often used to process materials with medium hardness. .

Gold Mine 1315 Impact Crusher with high configuration and high output

Productivity is a rigid indicator to measure the quality of a piece of equipment, there are many The customer asked about the hourly output of the 1315 impact crusher, and then I will give you a brief introduction around this issue.

What is the hourly output of the 1315 impact crusher

Gold Mine 1315 impact crusher is widely used in major sand and gravel production lines.

The expected output range of 1315 impact crusher is 100,280 tons per hour, but in actual During production, it will be affected by many factors, such as the poor quality and performance of the manufacturers equipment, and the irregular use of the users operation and use, etc., will reduce the output of the equipment, but if good auxiliary operations can be used, the output of the equipment will increase, so users All factors should be considered comprehensively, more investigations should be made, and equipment from reliable manufacturers should be purchased.

2. What factors affect the actual output of 1315 counterattack

The Gold Mine staff in the crusher production workshop carefully build high-quality equipment.

(1) Whether the quality of the equipment itself is satisfactory.

The output of the equipment depends on the equipment to a certain extent. Because of its own quality, when purchasing equipment, users should not blindly pay attention to the price of the equipment, but comprehensively consider various indicators, look for regular manufacturers, and buy cost-effective products. Dont lose too much.

(2) Whether the user operation is reasonable and standard.

Whether the user operation is reasonable will also have a great impact on the output. The operator should regulate the correct use of the equipment, regular maintenance, and regular inspection. Due to improper operation, the construction period is delayed, which affects efficiency and reduces production capacity.

(3) Whether the selected materials are reasonable

Each crushing equipment has certain hardness requirements for the materials in which it is located. , 1315 impact crusher is suitable for crushing medium hardness materials, so for some high hardness materials, cone crusher should be selected, otherwise it will reduce productivity, wear equipment, shorten service life, and lose more than the gain.

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