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Guiding opinions on the development of high-yield and energy-saving cone crushers



2020-09-30 18:57:54 1148

In todays society where everyone is responsible for protecting the environment, high-yield and energy-saving has become the future trend of all walks of life. When the mining and mining machinery industries develop in the direction of green and environmental protection, the performance of the cone crusher also needs to be in the original Some foundations will be further improved and improved to meet the production requirements of domestic and foreign markets for crushing equipment, and to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction to a greater extent.

The full name of the cone crusher is the cone crusher, which is the main product of our crusher series equipment. According to the scope of use, the cone crusher is divided into three types: coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. The coarse crushing cone crusher is also called gyratory crusher. The crushing and fine crushing cone crusher is also called the fungus cone crusher. The gyratory crusher is a kind of coarse crushing equipment, which is mainly used for coarse crushing of various hardness ore in the mineral processing industry and other industrial sectors. The fungus crusher is mainly It is used as medium and fine crushing equipment for various hardness ores. From the current situation of the crushing workshop of Chinas ore dressing plant, most of the medium crushing equipment uses standard cone crushers, and most of the fine crushing equipment uses short-head cone crushers. It has been finalized. However, the coarse crushing equipment is either a gyratory crusher or a jaw crusher.
Our company has done a deep discussion and research on the energy saving of cone crushers, and formulated a The cone crusher energy-saving reform plan, and strive to leave other domestic cone crusher industries far behind in this energy-saving reform measure, making our factorys cone crusher become the proud work of Zhongyuan.