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Hammer crusher bearing inspection is an item that every kind of crusher must go through



2020-09-10 00:57:54 1116

Before the hammer crusher is used, we must carry out a certain inspection of the hammer crusher. Of course, we will not say all the inspections. The important parts are not to be missed. So what is important for the hammer crusher, Of course it is the bearing part. Everyone knows that the bearing is very important on every device. For details, we can refer to the following content for certain inspection and maintenance

1 Check the fixing of the bowl-shaped tile. The bowl-shaped tile is fixed on the bearing seat by using a cylindrical pin cast zinc. If it is loose, the zinc alloy must be recast. Otherwise, when the moving cone is lifted, it will be stuck to the spherical surface of the moving cone The contact surface of the bowl-shaped tile should be in contact with the outer ring of the bowl, and the width of the contact ring should be 0.30.5 feet. If the contact is too large, it should be Re-scrape
3. Check the surface condition of the bowl-shaped tile. Replace the bowl-shaped bearing when the tile surface is worn to the bottom of the oil groove (the oil groove is ground) or the fixing pin is exposed and cracks occur.
4. The seat and the frame should be closely matched. For example, after the gap is ground, the bearing seat will move during operation, which will cause poor contact between the spindle and its taper sleeve, and even impact each other. After this gap, dustproof water will also splash in The lubrication is damaged inside the machine body. If the gap is greater than 2 mm, it should be repaired or replaced.
I hope we can recognize these clearly, and finally our hammer crusher can reach our goal when it is used. There will be no problems when using it. Everyone knows that the goal is something we cant give up, so we can also complete the users goal and finally achieve our goal. Source of the article