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Hammer crusher increases urban construction



2020-06-24 00:57:53 1112

With the continuous advancement of Chinas urbanization process, the urban construction industry has developed rapidly, and infrastructure projects are in full swing, resulting in a large amount of construction waste. According to relevant statistics, the annual emission of construction waste in China is as high as 400 million tons. Only 10% are transported to designated consumption places, and the rest are either randomly stacked or transported to illegal landfills for landfill, which makes our country face the severe challenge of the deteriorating ecological environment.

Gold Mine Hammer Crusher with high configuration and high performance

Hammer crushers generally have a large crushing ratio and a uniform particle size and less energy consumption. The advantages of low wearing parts and wear resistance. However, due to the faster wear of the hammer head, the application of hard material crushing is limited. In addition, because the grate is afraid of clogging, it is not suitable for crushing materials with high humidity and clay. This type of crusher It is usually used to crush brittle materials below medium-hardness such as limestone, shale, coal, gypsum, etc. In addition, the hammer crusher is replaced by a ring-type coal crusher with a steel ring, which is a variant of the hammer crusher. It uses high-speed impact and The comprehensive force of low-speed rolling can crush the materials, so it can crush finer finished products. It is mainly used to crush coal for power plants, but it can also be used for the crushing of gypsum salt chemical raw materials and some medium-hard materials.

The Gold Mine Hammer Crusher production workshop has a complete range of types and many models.

Henan Gold Mine Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. uses the hammer crusher to crush construction waste to achieve construction The reduction and resource utilization of garbage has great social and economic benefits, which solves the problem of disorderly discharge of construction garbage to a certain extent, leaving a clean land for our future generations.

Users come to Gold Mine factory to visit the hammer crusher

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