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Handling methods of common failures of impact crusher



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The impact crusher is widely used in various ore crushing industries such as railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical construction and other industries. During the working process of the impact crusher, due to various unfavorable factors, the machine will malfunction. Failures should be eliminated and repaired in time , This article will introduce how to deal with common failures of impact crusher.

Impact crusher

A belt is turned over due to If the belt is damaged, it is necessary to replace the V-belt, and pay attention to the quality of the V-belt itself. Or because of the pulley assembly problem, the active and driven pulley needs to be adjusted on the same plane.

2. Excessive wear of the blow hammer or impact liner of the impact crusher causes the gap between the blow hammer and the impact plate to be too large. The blow hammer or impact liner needs to be replaced, generally adjusted to 1520mm. In addition, the feed size is too large will also affect the output Material particle size.

Three bearings are heated due to excessive or insufficient grease, and the pollution phenomenon occurs. After cleaning the bearing, replace the grease. If the bearing is damaged, replace the bearing in time. The bearing gland is too tight and needs to be adjusted Good bolts, moderate tightness is appropriate.

Impact crusher bearing

Four machine vibration is abnormal, the feed material of the impact crusher is too large , You can check the feed size. When replacing or assembling the hammer, the rotor is not calibrated and balanced. Reinstall the hammer and the rotor is balanced. Redstar Heavy Industry reminds users that if the foundation is not handled properly, the anchor bolts need to be checked and reinforced.

Fifth, the material that cannot be broken by the knocking sound inside the machine enters the impact crusher. At this time, it is necessary to clean the crushing cavity after stopping. The fasteners of the impact liner are loose and check the fastening of the impact liner. The blow hammer hits the impact liner, check the gap between the blow hammer and the impact liner.

Impact crusher impact plate

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