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Heavy hammer crusher performance and manufacturer introduction



2020-11-23 18:57:54 1150

The heavy hammer crusher is a crusher formed by integrating the advantages of a hammer crusher, a jaw crusher, and a counterattack crusher. It is a more advanced and practical crusher. Today, I will introduce the performance characteristics and characteristics of the heavy hammer crusher. Manufacturer.

Performance characteristics of a heavy hammer crusher

The heavy hammer crusher is mainly used for crushing medium hardness and brittle materials, and the compressive strength is not More than 150mpa, its working principle is the same as that of a general hammer crusher, but the hammer pin diameter of the heavy hammer crusher is large and the weight is large, and the speed is fast when hitting the material. The main advantage is reflected in the

1 weight Hammer crushing can achieve one-time feeding and forming, eliminating the need for the initial crushing of the jaw crusher. Therefore, the use of a heavy hammer crusher makes the cost of purchasing equipment lower. Low energy consumption in the production process, low operating cost, etc.

2 The discharge size of the heavy hammer crusher can be adjusted by adjusting the size of the screen hole, and it is easy to replace, which can meet the various needs of customers for the discharge size

3 heavy hammer crusher crushing It has high production efficiency and can be used to crush materials with different humidity.

Double hammer crusher manufacturer

Production of heavy hammer crusher There are many manufacturers of machines. Henan Gold Mine Mining Machinery Factory also produces heavy hammer crushers. The hammer heads of the heavy hammer crushers produced by them are made of special metal materials to overcome the shortcomings of other hammer crushers that the hammer heads are easy to wear and the hammer pins are easy to break. The large crushing ratio is easy to maintain and reduces maintenance and labor costs.

The heavy hammer crusher produced by our company is of good quality, and its performance is also very good at work, that is, high production, low consumption and low pollution. Moreover, the price is reasonable and the after-sales service is guaranteed. If you want to know more about the relevant information of the heavy hammer crusher, you can call or consult us online.