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High-output impact crusher needs fine adjustment



2020-07-05 18:57:54 1144

The impact crusher needs to be fine-tuned for high-production operation. This can be philosophical. What everyone must not ignore is whether the screws in the hidden depths are oiled, and the gap adjustment and product particle size adjustment are taken.

1. Product particle size adjustment

Due to the product size requirements or the wear of the plate hammer and other parts, the dual-rotor impact crusher needs to be adjusted appropriately. The main purpose is to adjust the second counterattack plate of the sub-cavity counterattack plate and level the gap between the sieve plate and the end of the hammer. The first counterattack plate is used to coordinate the adjustment of the sub-cavity counterattack plate in order to maintain an approximate arc-shaped counterattack crushing cavity. Adjusting the counterattack When adjusting the plate, the gap between the end point of the rotor hammer can be changed by turning the positioning nut. When adjusting the gap, the spring prestress must be adjusted accordingly. The second counterattack plate leveling the screen plate and the second rotor hammer end gap adjustment is through Adjust the corresponding spring to achieve.

2. Discharge gap adjustment mechanism

The counterattack device usually has a discharge gap adjustment mechanism. Through the adjustment of the discharge gap, it can be changed The number of impacts of the material affects the composition of the product size to varying degrees. The gap size of the deadweight counterattack device is adjusted by the suspension bolt. The spring type counterattack device uses a spring adjustment mechanism to adjust the gap, which can ensure that the discharge gap is adjusted. The spring preload does not need to be re-adjusted, simplifying the adjustment of the discharge gap. In addition, there are heavy hammer and hydraulic counterattack devices, which are currently more self-weight and spring-type applications. The self-weight structure is simple and reliable, and the adjustment is simple, but the product size is uniform The performance is poor, and the structure is better than the original. The spring-type product has better particle size uniformity, but the structure is more complicated.

Summary Gold Mine believes that only fine adjustments can make the machine run more productively.