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Holding the sword above the crusher is more emboldened



2020-07-08 12:57:54 1116

Holding the sword above the crusher has more confidence in the development. It is not an exaggeration to say that the heavy industry industry is an industry that takes chances. Whether you have a strategic vision and whether you can plan for the entire industry , Whether you can seize the opportunity to develop quickly is the root of whether you can run into good luck, and this will also become the key to determining the success or failure of the heavy industry. From the historical experience, the development of policies has become the only way of life and death for the heavy industry. The policy has achieved a number of companies, and it will also kill a group of companies. It is predicted that the heavy industry will be reshuffled in the next 35 years. As for who can become the master of the next round, it still depends on the present.

A small perspective to analyze the big industry. Looking at the development of the crushing equipment industry in the past two years, you can get an insight into the development of the heavy industry industry. The crushing equipment is nothing more than stone, and it also involves It is nothing more than cement sand and gravel mine desulfurization energy and other industries, and these industries are policy-oriented industries, and the development direction of the industry also reflects the direction of policy guidance.

It is said that the crushing equipment industry is developed by policy. Its not an exaggeration. In 2011, the cement industry was in dire straits, rising and falling. The controversial real estate industry has been hyped up after several times, and finally it has become a downturn. Drought in many places has prompted 4 trillion water conservancy investment, which is good for the sand and aggregate industry. The high-speed railway has cooled down, and the construction of affordable housing has finally been implemented. It has become a larger piece of fat in the second half of 2011. The government aided the construction of the Middle East. Equipment export has become a target of public criticism. Opportunities and challenges coexist. What is the development trend of the crusher industry in the next few years, and it depends on the current situation. Policy vane.

From the above policies, it is not difficult to see that in order to drive economic development and promote the pace of development of our country, the government has invested a lot of manpower and material resources into infrastructure, and the pace of other investments may slow down However, infrastructure construction is related to the stability of the national economy and the peoples livelihood. This will not shrink in any way. In the final analysis, the main driving force of infrastructure construction is the heavy industry. Cement, sand, aggregate, and reinforced concrete have become popular products, but these are inseparable The support of crushing equipment is also the policy guidance and market demand that has promoted the policy development of the crushing equipment industry.

At present, especially since September, crushing equipment manufacturers usher in the peak sales season and continue to order orders. It is estimated that such a situation will occur in the past 35 years, but the extremes of things must be reversed, there is no permanent demand, and there is no permanent policy. Policy-guided slowing macroeconomic tightening monetary conditions severe credit environment, market overdraft and excess capacity. , The rising raw material prices and labor costs, as well as the continuous disorderly market order, etc. are all flooding behind the prosperity.

After the boom, it will inevitably decline. Mine resources will always be mined. When it is exhausted, the cement sand and gravel concrete will also appear without rice.

Whats more, the infrastructure construction will also be completed, especially with the continuous development of technology, new technologies With the addition of new technologies, the current reinforced concrete construction model in some areas has begun to be This model not only does not require traditional building materials such as cement, sand and gravel, but also is easy to disassemble and easy to recycle, which is in line with the future energy-saving and environmentally sustainable development concept. Therefore, crusher manufacturers have increased their horsepower to seize market opportunities.

The market is changing rapidly, and what remains unchanged is that strength is the essence of quality and service. He pointed out that although the current crushing equipment market is very prosperous, people have no foresight and must There are recent worries, this kind of prosperity cannot last for too long. Opportunities come, and failure to seize it is more loss than no opportunity. Crushing equipment companies should base themselves on themselves and continuously develop high-performance equipment for market demand to deal with the future of the industry. The capital of the brand.

It is conservatively estimated that the development opportunity of the heavy industry industry is now, and it will not continue to prosper. The reshuffle of the crushing equipment industry will also be the trend in the next 35 years. After the reshuffle , The road to the crushing industry will no longer be as broad as it used to be. Only the fittest can survive for a long time. A large number of crusher manufacturers will disappear in this wave, but industry giants will also emerge. Who can survive these 35 years China quickly seizes the market and stands out, who will be a strong promoter of the industry in the future.