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Hongxing Coal Gangue Crusher Powerfully Turns Waste into Treasure



2020-07-21 12:57:54 1115

The Gold Mine coal gangue crusher is a great effort to turn waste into treasure. Chinas coal reserves rank first in the world, accounting for more than 43.1% of the Asia-Pacific region, and China is also one of the largest coal consumers in the world. , Which has brought great harm to our living environment and physical health. Therefore, the markets requirements for clean and high-yield coal products have become increasingly significant.

Coal gangue is The solid waste discharged in the process of coal mining and coal washing is a kind of black-gray rock with lower carbon content and harder than coal that is associated with the coal seam during the coal formation process, and has a low calorific value. Gangue can be used in gangue cement concrete, lightweight aggregates, refractory bricks and other building materials to produce chemical products such as crystalline aluminum chloride water glass, and can also be used as fuel for power generation, using coal gangue and inferior coal as fuel, which not only solves solid waste in mining areas The pollution and stacking problems of emissions can turn waste into treasure, reducing the cost of electricity for enterprises.At the same time, its ash can be directly used as raw materials for cement and hollow bricks, obtaining good social and economic benefits, and driving the non-coal industry and The rolling development of the local building materials industry.

If the coal gangue is discarded, it will occupy a large area of land, and the escape of sulfide will cause serious ecological environmental pollution. Therefore, The comprehensive utilization of coal gangue

is very necessary. The main process of the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue is to crush and pulverize coal gangue to a suitable particle size, and then apply it to related fields. General purpose of coal gangue processing The equipment is a coal gangue crusher, the types include jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, Raymond mill, overpressure trapezoidal mill, vertical mill, European version mill, medium-speed micro-powder mill, etc. br/>

The coal gangue crusher of Henan Gold Mine Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has a small footprint, advanced technology, large crushing ratio, and uniform particle size

high output Low energy consumption, convenient maintenance, low noise, low pollution, and many other advantages. The Gold Mine machine coal gangue production line is carefully designed for customers according to on-site investigations or actual customer requirements, which fully reflects the rationality of the design, practicality, applicability, large processing capacity, low wear and operation Low cost is its remarkable feature. According to different process requirements, various types of equipment are combined to meet the different process requirements of customers. (Source: Cone Crusher )