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How do we choose the feed gate of the jaw crusher



2020-09-07 21:57:54 1123

Everyone knows the material gate of the jaw crusher. It is very important for us. It doesnt matter if it doesnt. We will answer it slowly. Next, our users will listen to us carefully. Explain the detailed explanation of the size parameters of the feed gate of the lower jaw crusher
The size of the feed gate is a very important parameter when choosing the size of the cis crusher, and it is also the data that the operator should understand. At present, in my run, The length L of the feeding port is 1.25 to 1.6 times the width R, that is, B2 (1.25 to 1.6) B. For dry large cis-type crushers, L2 (1.25 to 1.5) is the price for small size crushers, L2 ( 51.6) B. The width of the feed opening B determines the maximum feed size D of the crusher. Generally Do two (0.75 one o.RS) B. In China, the simple pendulum type usually adopts Do two 0.75 where the compound pendulum The type usually takes D 2 2 0.85B. The width of the discharge opening. It depends on the maximum discharge size d and the swing stroke S. It can also be determined by referring to the feed opening width knife. Usually the simple pendulum type is taken. 2d One one five two (l is one 17) price compound pendulum type take .d one S two (knife one 110) B.
These are some explanations of the feed parameters of our jaw crusher, I hope you can follow What we are talking about, learning slowly, we believe that we can do better and make our jaw crusher more promising. The main products produced by Henan Gold Mine Machinery include jaw crushers, hammer crushers, and counterattack Type crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, compound crusher, fine crusher, single-stage crusher, roller crusher, mobile crushing station, belt conveyor, sand and gravel production line, linear vibrating screen, Circular vibrating screen, sand washing machine, vibrating feeder and other heavy crushing equipment.