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How good is the effect of the broken stone in Hubei? Look at this video site and you will know



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Jaw crusher, also known as jaw crusher, is an indispensable crushing equipment in the crushing production line. Because of its large feed inlet and large crushing ratio, it is often used for coarse crushing of large stones. Jaw crushers have been around for a long time. With continuous innovation and improvement, the structure and performance have been greatly improved. Both in the crushing efficiency and the crushing effect, they have outstanding advantages. This is also the reason why the jaw crusher is popular among sand and gravel users.

The jaw crusher has a large feed caliber and a large crushing ratio. It is an ideal equipment for coarse crushing of bulk materials.

For some new gravel industries Users often ask about the crushing effect of the jaw crusher. Below, Henan Gold Mine will introduce the jaw crusher in detail to help users and friends better understand this crushing equipment.

Jaw type The crusher has a large feed caliber and a large crushing ratio, high output, and excellent finished products (with live video)

The jaw crusher is an earlier crushing equipment, with a maximum hourly output of 1590 Tons. After years of optimization and upgrade, the structure and performance of the equipment have been relatively mature. The jaw crushers currently on the market are roughly divided into four types, namely, the jaw crusher, the fine jaw crusher, the HD German version of the jaw crusher and the CJ European version of the jaw crusher, of which the CJ European version of the jaw crusher is more advanced in configuration and more popular with users.

The jaw type in the sand and gravel production line The potential of the crusher is endless. Large stones are input and small stones are produced.

(1) The crushing ratio is large.

The jaw crusher can crush large stones to below medium at one time The particle size and the crushing ratio are between 415, the crushing saves time and labor, simple and reliable.

(2) Deep cavity crushing, no crushing dead zone

The jaw crusher adopts deep V-shaped crushing cavity, the material starts to be crushed from the top of the crushing cavity, the material is crushed more fully, there is no crushing dead zone and over-crushing phenomenon, and the one-time processing capacity is larger.

(3) Low dust and noise pollution

The jaw crusher is equipped with advanced dust collectors and noise reduction devices, which can effectively reduce dust and noise pollution, optimize the surrounding working environment, and realize green production.

(4) Small ground area and strong adaptability

The jaw crusher has a reasonable and compact structure, small footprint, strong adaptability, and can play a greater role in a limited space.

Guide to purchase jaw crusher

The prosperity and development of the sand and gravel crushing industry has also driven the development of the crushing equipment industry. As one of the crushers with greater user demand, the jaw crusher is There are so many manufacturers, just take the Henan region as an example. There are thousands of large and small manufacturers, and the strength of different manufacturers is different, and the quality of the equipment produced is even more uneven. How to choose among many manufacturers Powerful manufacturers, purchasing high-quality equipment is a problem that every user needs to face. Henan Gold Mine hereby makes the following suggestions for everyone

The Gold Mine Jaw Crusher is of good quality and high output, attracting friends from all over the world to buy it

1. Visit the manufacturer for on-site inspections, and look for regular manufacturers to purchase high Quality equipment

Earing and hearing are fictitious, seeing is believing. When users buy the E-breaking machine, it is recommended to visit the manufacturer and inspect from various aspects such as the scale of the infrastructure and technical strength of the factory, and look for the formal strength Manufacturers purchase equipment. The equipment produced by regular large manufacturers not only has quality, reliability, performance, long service life, and perfect after-sales service.

2. Pay more attention to direct-sale manufacturers, and offer affordable prices for the same quality.

When purchasing a jaw breaking machine, users can choose self-produced and self-sold direct-sale manufacturers to face consumers at the factory price, eliminating too many intermediate links, and the same quality equipment is affordable.

Recommended by jaw crusher manufacturers

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Henan Gold Mine is a company that focuses on the production of large mining machines The powerful manufacturer of Henan has been in the business for more than 40 years, and the equipment produced is of reliable quality, advanced configuration, large output and durable. Henan Gold Mine is located in Zhengzhou, with a high degree of economic development, and the price level is far lower than that of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places. The cost of labor and raw materials consumed is low, equipment pricing is low, coupled with the self-produced and self-sold business model, the price is even more affordable. If you want to know more about the jaw crusher, or have any other questions, you can consult for free Henan Gold Mine will have professional and technical personnel to serve you online in real time.