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How many tons of sand can a medium sand washing machine wash in an hour? How to wash it?



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The development of the sand and gravel market is changing rapidly. Compared with the natural sand that has been loved by people a few years ago, todays machine-made sand has ushered in the spring of development. In fact, whether it is machine-made sand or natural sand, before it is put into infrastructure use, it must Use a sand washer for cleaning. Recently, medium-sized sand washer seems to be more popular in the market. Then, how many tons of sand can be washed by a medium-sized sand washer in an hour?

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How many tons of sand can the medium-sized sand washing machine wash in one hour?

Generally speaking, it can wash 100,300 tons of sand in one hour Stone is a medium-sized sand washer, and the commonly used medium-sized sand washer is a wheel-type sand washer. Different models of sand washer, the amount of sand washed per hour is also different, so that you can have a deeper understanding of the sand washer every hour. The output of the following part of the wheel-type medium-sized sand washing machine technical parameter table is given for your reference. In addition, manufacturers generally have many other types of sand washing machines to provide you with more purchase options. br/>
Technical parameter table of medium-sized wheel sand washer


Treatment Capacity(th)

Motor power










How to clean the medium sand washing machine

Sand and gravel cleaning is a particularly important step in the production of sand and gravel. If it is not cleaned and does not meet the national standards, it cannot be used as construction sand. The use value of the sand produced in this way is not high and the market is not Well, the economic benefits brought to users are also low, which is not desired by every user, so how can a medium-sized sand washer clean the sand? Here are the factors that can clean the sand.

1 When users buy a medium-sized sand washing machine, dont just buy cheap, but pay more attention to quality, and strive to buy high-quality equipment. In addition, when choosing the machine, pay attention to whether the equipment is equipped with a vibrating dewatering screen, because the sand is not clean. A large part of the reason is that some manufacturers do not equip the sand washing machine with a vibrating dewatering screen.

2Before installation, make sure that all parts are complete and not damaged, and then check whether there is any jamming after installation. Avoid unclean sand washing caused by improper installation. In addition, you must follow the process correctly during operation, pay attention to every detail, and debug. Be patient and attentive to avoid unclean sand washing caused by improper debugging.

The medium-sized sand washing machine is installed and debugged well, and the washed sand is clean.

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