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How much do you know about impact crusher accessories



2020-08-03 09:57:54 1149

There are also many parts of impact crusher, how many do you know? Impact crusher is mainly composed of plate hammer and impact plate, which is a vulnerable part of impact crusher.

The shape of the impact crusher plate hammer is closely related to the fastening method and the working load. The design of the plate hammer should meet the requirements of reliable work, easy loading and unloading and improved metal utilization of the plate hammer. The plate hammer is generally made of high chromium cast iron. Made of manganese steel and other wear-resistant alloy steels. The hammer has many shapes, but mainly rectangular.

Most of the impact plates of impact crushers are made of steel plates. Welded. The impact surface is equipped with a wear-resistant liner, and it can also be used with impact rolls or grate plates. The rotor of the impact crusher is mostly made of integral cast steel, the structure is strong and durable, and it is easy to install the hammer. Meet the crushing requirements.

The function of the impact plate is to withstand the impact of the material hit by the plate hammer, so that the material is broken by the impact, and the material after the impact is broken Rebound to the impact area, and perform impact crushing again to obtain the required product size. There are many forms of impact plates, mainly two types, broken line and arc. The broken line impact surface can make the material on each point of the impact plate be The impact is performed in an approximately vertical direction, so a better crushing effect can be obtained.