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How much does a piece of sand making equipment cost? A large sand making equipment manufacturer will quote you



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Sand making equipment is indispensable in the artificial sand production process. With the continuous development of various buildings, roads, railways, and high-speed railways, our demand for machine-made sand is rising, and the quality requirements for sand are getting higher and higher. This has given birth to the continuous reform and innovation of sand making equipment by manufacturers. There are many types of sand making equipment on the market and their functions are also different, so the price will be different.

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How much does a piece of sand making equipment cost?

Sand making equipment includes HX sand making machine, HVI sand making machine, VSI Sand machine, small sand making equipment includes two-stage crusher, roller crusher, fine crusher, composite crusher, etc., they all finely crush the stones in different specifications and process them into higher-quality sand, which are widely used in our In daily life. So, how much does a piece of sand making equipment cost is a topic that every customer pays more attention to, but the quotation methods of each manufacturer are different, because of the equipment materials used, the capital investment, and the sales model. If you are not the same, the price will be different. The low one is tens of thousands, and some are more than 1 million. If you dont want to spend wrong money, you must polish your eyes and choose the manufacturer seriously. The following is simple for everyone Introduce the performance and quotation of large-scale sand making equipment.

There are various types of sand making equipment, and users can choose 1HVI sand making machine according to their needs.

20.50 million yuan

HVI sand making machine is a relatively new type of sand making equipment. It adopts two working principles of stone beating and stone beating. It has the functions of sand making and shaping. It has a deep cavity impeller and a relatively high production volume. Large, the surrounding guard plate can turn up and down, prolong the service life of the road, save costs, high intelligence, green and environmental protection, and reduce dust pollution.

HVI sand making machine advantages

2VSI sand making machine 20.8 million yuan

VSI sand making machine adopts the working principle of stone-strike iron, which has high crushing efficiency and large production volume. The size of the finished product can be adjusted according to the user It can be adjusted to meet the different needs of users. The investment is lower but the payback speed is faster. The hydraulic cover opening device is used for easy inspection and maintenance.

VSI sand making machine advantage

3HX sand making machine 6.5 million yuan

HX sand making machine is an earlier sand making equipment, its equipment is small and convenient Installation and transportation, the operation is relatively simple, it has a shaping function, the finished product has a better grain shape and a longer service life.

HX sand making machine advantages

Large-scale sand-making equipment manufacturers provide you with a quotation

The large-scale sand-making equipment manufacturers are located all over the country, but which manufacturer offers more favorable equipment? The purchase value is higher. After investigation and analysis, Henan Gold Mine is a good choice for the following reasons.

1 Factory direct sales, self-developed, self-produced, self-sold, no middleman makes the difference, the ex-factory price and the market price, the price is lower, reducing the cost and waste of customers.

2 The manufacturer has more than 40 years of production experience, strong strength, mature technology, high product quality, and users are more at ease.

3 The manufacturer is located in Zhengzhou, Henan, with a low level of consumption, but convenient transportation. It is convenient for the transportation of equipment, and it is more economical to transport equipment.

4 The manufacturers after-sales service is better. Before sales, technicians select the models for customers, and visit the factory for free. Bear the transportation cost of the equipment, after-sales, the installation technicians will go to the customer site to guide the installation and be responsible for the later maintenance of the equipment.

How much does a sand making equipment cost? If you want to know a more detailed quotation, welcome Consult online anytime.

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