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How much does a set of equipment for the production of building stones cost quickly?



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Building stones are essential and important building materials in the construction industry. Different types of stones are widely used in urban construction and road construction and other fields. Moreover, granite, basalt, limestone, river pebble, quartz stone, construction waste, etc. can be used as raw materials to process and produce construction stones. Complete and abundant reserves.

With the development of the economy, the demand for construction stones is also increasing, which makes many investors focus on the production of construction stones. Investment in construction stone production Before, there were still many issues that needed to be considered, such as what equipment should be purchased for the entire production, how much money should be invested in these equipment, and how long will it take to recover the cost and start to make a profit.
The production of building stones requires a lot of equipment. At present, the more common configurations on the market mainly include two types of fixed building stone crushing production lines and mobile building stone crushing production lines. Different production environments and cost inputs will affect The customers choice of the entire production line configuration.

Fixed building stone crushing production line

The fixed production line is a traditional and classic production mode with high production efficiency and high output. , Flexible configuration plan and other advantages, it is mostly used for material gathering or manufacturers with relatively stable sales of construction stones. Moreover, the fixed equipment has a simple structure and later maintenance is also more convenient.

According to customers For particle size requirements, the common host is equipped with a jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, sand washing machine, hammer crusher, sand washing machine.

Stationary crushing production line

Mobile building stone crushing production line

Mobile building stone production equipment is compared in recent years The popular crushing production equipment, mobile production equipment simplifies the entire pre-production preparation work, and can also be freely moved in different production sites. This equipment combines feed crushing, screening and conveying equipment on the ship-shaped steel frame chassis. The configuration of each module is reasonable, and the production efficiency is high.

Because the mobile frame can be equipped with different equipment, one machine can be equipped with the equipment required for a small production line, and multiple units can be moved. Type equipment is combined to form a large-scale production line, commonly equipped with a hammer type mobile crushing station, a mobile jaw crushing station, a mobile cone crushing station, a mobile crushing station, a mobile jaw crushing station, a mobile cone crushing station, a mobile sand making machine, a counterattack mobile crushing station.

Mobile crushing production site

Production lines with relatively high requirements for the particle size of the finished product often have to go through three stages of crushing and screening, and the raw materials are fed by a vibrating feeder It is sent to the jaw crusher for one-stage crushing, and the crushed stone is sent to the cone crusher or impact crusher by the conveyor for the second-stage crushing, and then screened by the circular vibrating screen, the stones that do not meet the particle size requirements are returned to the front Re-shred in the first stage, and send to the system if it meets the requirements The sand machine performs three-stage and shaping crushing, and finally can be sieved by the circular vibrating screen to separate the stones of different particle sizes.

The investment cost of the whole set of equipment

The production of a full set of building stones There are a lot of equipment needed in the process, and the model cannot be determined. It is also divided into fixed and mobile types, which will affect the cost of customers investing in construction stone production equipment.

Fixed equipment in the early stage. With less investment, low loss and long service life, it can also save investment costs and improve economic efficiency to a certain extent.

Mobile equipment does not need to build a steel frame structure and piling to build a foundation, although The price of the whole machine may be high, but it is still very advantageous to integrate the entire investment before and after production.

In short, the production cost of fixed and mobile building stones cannot be easily determined, and customers need to comprehensively consider and compare. , And finally we can determine how much money will be invested in a complete set of construction stone production equipment.

Customers visit the jaw crusher

Customers come to visit the factory in the rain

How long will the cost be recovered?

Because the construction stones are priced per ton, I want to know how long the cost will be recovered, not only must know how much the customer invested The cost depends on how large the production line the customer wants to configure, and also whether there is a stable market, these will affect the speed of the later cost recovery. To know how long it will take to recover the cost, customers should consult a professional crushing machinery manufacturer , To obtain the production configuration plan to determine.

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