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How much does it cost to buy a set of manual sand-blasting equipment and what is the profit



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Artificial sand is an emerging investment project in recent years. It is to polish various types of stones in nature into sand of various specifications through related equipment. Because of its broad market demand and high profits, it has attracted the attention of many investors. , How much does it cost to buy a set of manual sand-blasting equipment at the moment, and what is the profit?

How much is a set of manual sand-blasting equipment?

Stone polishing into sand is not just a single piece of sand. Sand equipment can be completed, but requires multiple equipment to cooperate with each other. Under normal circumstances, a complete sand production line includes feeding equipment, coarse crushing equipment, crushing equipment, sand making equipment, sand washing equipment, screening equipment, conveying equipment, environmental protection equipment And centralized electronic control, etc., the general process is as follows

Manual sanding process

During this period, a variety of sand and gravel equipment was used, each of which The performance, operation principle and crushing effect are different, and they play different roles.

Commonly used manual sand breaking equipment collection

Coarse crushing equipment, jaw crusher, hammer crushing Machine

Medium crushing equipment, impact crusher, cone crusher, fine jaw crusher

sand making equipment, roller crusher, advanced fine crusher, compound crusher, impact sand making Machine

Sand Washing Equipment Screw Sand Washing Machine Wheel Bucket Sand Washing Machine

Mobile Equipment Mobile Crushing Station

In addition, A large number of belt conveyors are also used for connection, vibrating feeders for uniform feeding, etc.

Common sand making equipment collection

Gold Mine users manually call Sand production line site

The following is a common manual sand production line configuration plan for your reference

Fixed manual sand production line

1 Vibration Feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, machine-made sand machine, vibrating screen belt conveyor

2Vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, counter-attack machine-made sand machine, vibrating screen belt conveyor

3Vibrating feeder, roller crusher, vibrating screener belt conveyor

4Vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, compound crusher, sand washing machine, vibrating screen belt conveyor

Gold Mine user manual sanding production line site

Mobile manual sanding production line

1Tyred mobile jaw crusher Tire type mobile counterattack tire breaking mobile sand making machine

2 crawler four-in-one crusher

3 crawler jaw crusher, crawler cone crusher, crawler circular vibrating screen

Gold Mine User Mobile On-site manual sand-blasting production line

How is the profit of the manual sand-blasting project?

Manual sand-blasting has a wide range of raw materials, low production costs, wide sales, and large profit margins. This is manual sand-blasting. The reason why the sand project is so popular, so how much is the profit of artificial sand production? Gold Mine manufacturers will do a detailed analysis for you.

According to relevant data, the cost of one ton of artificial sand raw materials on the market is roughly It ranges from 730 yuan, due to more or less differences in different regions, and the finished sand after some series of crushing sand making equipment can be sold for 80,120 yuan, and the price is higher in some sand-deficient areas, such as Zhuzhou, Hunan The sand price in Dongguan is as high as 210,220 yuan, and the sand price in Dongguan is as high as 290 yuan. Even if the sand is still in short supply, the profits between these can be imagined.

Gold Mine user mobile artificial sand production line site

According to the average level, the profit per ton of artificial sand is roughly between 70110 yuan, and the hourly output of the general sand yard is between 100,300 tons. Calculated by working 8 hours a day, 8002400 tons can be produced per day, and the daily profit can reach tens of thousands of yuan. The larger the scale of the investment sand field, the more profitable. If the sand is transported to Dongguan, Foshan and other areas with severe sand shortage, the profit will double .

Recommended by manufacturers of manual sand-blasting equipment

The above is Henan Gold Mines introduction to the manual sand-blasting project. If you have spare money and want to invest in a good project, Sanding will be a good choice for you.

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