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How much is a 200-ton marble rock jaw crusher per day



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After the marble is crushed by the crushing equipment, the particle size is uniform and the quality is good. It can be used as a high-quality sand and gravel aggregate in many fields. Recently, users often ask how much a 200-ton marble jaw crusher is per day. .

What are the marble jaw crushers that can handle 200 tons per day?

The jaw crusher is famous for its large feed diameter and large crushing ratio. It is an important processing in the production line After continuous innovation and upgrading, the equipment is relatively mature in performance and technology. Generally, common marble jaw crushers include PE jaw crusher, PEX fine jaw crusher, HD German version jaw crusher, CJ European version jaw crusher and mobile jaw crusher There are five different types, each of which has many models, which can well meet the different needs of users. The marble jaw crusher with a daily output of 200 tons works for ten hours a day, which is 20 tons per hour. It is a small-scale output and can be used There are a lot of equipment, the following is a simple list of the jaw crusher produced by Gold Mine

1. Fixed marble jaw crusher

Gold Mine jaw crusher has a complete range of models and many models are available from stock, and customized services are also available.

PE250400 jaw crusher has a processing capacity of 521 tons per hour, and a maximum feed size of 210mm. The material port is 2060mm, the eccentric shaft speed is 300 (rmin), the motor power is 6P15KW.

PE400600 jaw crusher has an output of 1664 tons per hour, the maximum feed size is 340mm, the discharge port is 40100mm, and the eccentric shaft speed is 275 (rmin ), the motor power is 6P30KW.

PEX150750 has a fine jaw volume of 825th, the maximum feed size is 210mm, the discharge opening adjustment range is 1848mm, the eccentric shaft speed is 320 (rmin), and the motor power is 4P15KW.

The output of HD72 German Jaw Crusher is 50120th, the maximum feed size is 425mm, the discharge opening adjustment range is 45100mm, and the motor power is 6P55KW.

2. Mobile marble Jaw Crusher

Gold Mine Mobile Jaw Crusher Walks Freely, High Production and Environmental Protection

Mobile Marble Jaw Crusher is us Common jaw crusher mobile crushing station, a piece of equipment has multiple functions such as feeding, crushing, screening and conveying. According to the different driving devices, it can be divided into crawler type and tire type. The host can be freely matched according to the actual needs of customers to meet users Different needs. The mobile marble jaw crusher has a flexible and adaptable body, and can work in various environments such as mountain valleys and wetlands. It does not require infrastructure, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, can achieve high production and create greater benefits for users.

There are many jaw crushers with a daily output of 200 tons. Users can purchase suitable equipment according to production needs to effectively avoid waste of resources and capacity, and save Investment cost, the editor here recommends users to use a mobile marble jaw crusher. This equipment is more advanced and has better performance. It can be freely transferred according to production needs without infrastructure and put into production. It has low cost and is undoubtedly a better choice for crushing marble.

How much does a marble jaw crusher with a daily output of 200 tons cost?

The mobile jaw crusher production line is flexible, convenient, high-yielding and environmentally friendly.

Demand affects supply. With the rapid development of the crushing industry, peoples demand for crushing equipment continues to increase, and there are so many crushing equipment on the market. There are many types of marble jaw crushers with a daily output of 200 tons, from stationary to mobile. Complete, the price ranges from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. The high price does not mean that it is suitable. Users should choose reasonably according to their own needs. Regarding the specific price of the 200-ton marble jaw crusher per day, the user must select the equipment. For specific quotations, friends who are confused about equipment selection can consult Redstar customer service for free.

Henan Redstar Marble Jaw Crusher has a fair price from stock

Henan Gold Mine is a powerful manufacturer specializing in the production of large-scale mining machines

Henan Gold Mine has been committed to producing crushing equipment for more than forty years. The equipment produced is equipped with advanced quality and excellent price. High crushing efficiency and strong processing capacity. All over the world, the industry has a good reputation and a complete after-sales service system. If you want to buy a 200-ton marble jaw crusher, you can learn about Henan Gold Mine. We have a senior technical team that can design and produce for you for free according to your actual situation. Plan and provide detailed quotation.Users and friends in need can consult Gold Mine customer service for free, or visit the factory on the spot. Henan Gold Mine sincerely looks forward to your arrival.