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How much is a 300 tons per hour knock stone crusher



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The knocking stone industry is very hot at the moment, and knocking stones cannot be separated from the knocking stone crusher. Nowadays, there are many users who tend to invest in the 300 tons of knocking stone crusher per hour. Then, how much is such a knocking stone machine? br/>
Inventory of stone crushers with an output of 300 tons per hour

In the production of sand and gravel, there are many types of stone crushers with an output of 300 tons per hour. The functions are different.

The jaw crusher is used as the first round of primary crushing equipment for large stones. Its characteristic is that the inlet is quite large, with great crushing force and resistance. The properties of compaction and wear resistance

The first round of primary crushing equipment, the jaw crusher

The cone crusher is used as a stone It is used for secondary crushing. This equipment is used to crush rocks with medium hardness and above. Of course, its crushing force is very large, otherwise how to bite the hard rocks.

Cone crusher for secondary crushing of rocks with medium hardness and above

The impact crusher is similar to the cone crusher. As the second crushing process, it mainly crushes The crushing efficiency of the stone below the medium hardness is higher. The finished product is cubic and the grain shape is excellent. It is often used as a sandstone aggregate.

For the stone below the medium hardness Impact crusher for crushing blocks

If the user needs to make the stone into sand with a smaller particle size, then a sand making machine is needed, which can crush the stone into sand less than 50mm. The finished product has a good grain shape and has a shaping function.

Sand making machine for grinding stones into sand

Mobile crushing stone crusher It is a mechanical equipment that is equipped with a tower-mounted crusher on the drive frame to realize free walking and break through the space constraints of the site. One vehicle can carry two equipment, and one machine can complete the crushing, screening, conveying, and screening processes.

The mobile rocking stone crusher that walks freely

In addition, there are also crushing equipment such as hammer-type rocking stone crusher and compound crushing stone crusher. Toto, to provide users with more choices and to meet the production needs of most users. If you are interested in the equipment, please click on the online customer service for free consultation.

300 tons of pebbles per hour How much is the crusher?

The quotations for the 300 tons per hour stone crusher in the market vary, some tens of thousands, some hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, the reasons for such a large gap are as follows

Different types of crushers

Equipment uses (coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing) are different, and the types (jaw crushing cone crushing counterattack sand making machine) are different, traditional equipment and new The difference in mobile devices leads to different manufacturing costs in the technical time spent in manufacturing, and different quotations.

Eye crushing cone crusher counterattack sand making machine

The scale of production line is different.

The scale of the crushing production line of the user is different, and the number of equipment used is different. It is determined, so the price of a production line configuration is also uncertain.

The location of the manufacturer is different.

The location of the manufacturer is different, and the consumption level is not the same. There is also a difference in pricing.

Look at the quotation of Gold Mines 300 tons per hour crushing stone crusher equipment.

As a large R&D, production and sales manufacturer in Henan, Gold Mine has The whole set of equipment used in the stone production line, each equipment is sold at the ex-factory price, factory direct sales, no middlemen make the difference, Gold Mine also introduced a series of preferential promotions to ensure that you get cost-effective equipment at a lower price.

Gold Mine after-sales service team and users are connected

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