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How much is a 300-ton stone crusher per hour, and which type of stone crusher is better?



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I dont need to say more about the fiery degree of the sand and gravel industry at the moment. You have also felt that one after another, gravel plants and sand making plants have been established, all over the streets and alleys. The stone crusher with an output of 300 tons is a commonly used model. It has been continuously improved and upgraded in use, and many models have been extended to meet the various needs of users. This article will introduce it in detail.

There are many models of stone crushers with a capacity of 300 tons per hour, each with unique skills

Before getting the equipment quotation, lets first understand what are the stone crushers with a capacity of 300 tons per hour.

The stone crusher with an output of 300 tons per hour is a medium and large stone crushing machine, but there are still many crushers that can meet this capacity in China. Each commonly used stone crushing equipment has a corresponding model. Which one to choose? Depending on your actual needs, such as the specific crushing process of the finished product particle size you want to achieve by the properties of the material you want to process, etc., the following takes the sand and gravel equipment produced by Henan Gold Mine as an example to give you a brief list

Stone crushing equipment commonly used in sand and gravel production lines

300 tons per hour coarse crushing equipment PE7501060 jaw crusher PE8001060 jaw crusher PE8301060 jaw crusher PCZ1610 heavy hammer crusher PCX1213 hammer shaping machine And so on.

300 tons of medium crushing equipment HD1520 counterattack crusher PF1320 counterattack crusher CI1315 counterattack crusher SC160S single-cylinder cone crusher HXHP300 multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher etc.

Production of 300 tons of sand making equipment HVI1250 sand making machine HXVSI9526 sand making machine HXVSI1140 sand making machine PXJ18001800 fine crusher and so on.

The above equipment can also be equipped with a movable frame to form a mobile crushing equipment, which can be realized for you Mobile crushing production.

Mobile crushing machine makes gravel crushing more intelligent and convenient.

If the finished product has a good grain shape, Competitive, you deserve to have these few stone crushers

The ruler is longer and the inch is shorter. Each device has its own special performance advantages and better scope of application. If you High requirements for the grain size of the finished sand and gravel, you can understand the following two equipment

Impact crusher stone shaping tool

The impact crusher is praised by users as stone shaping A sharp weapon, using the principle of percussion crushing, the crushed sand and gravel aggregates have good grain shape and uniform particle size, low powder content, high grade, and wide sales.

Counter-attack crushing The machine stone shaping tool

The impact crusher is divided into three series, according to the advanced level from low to high, they are PE counterattack HD counterattack and CJ European version counterattack. The maximum production capacity of this equipment When it is 2000 tons, there are many models that can meet the production demand of 300 tons per hour, and the maximum feed size is 800mm, it can reach 1300mm when processing soft materials. It is often used for the middle crushing of stones.

User counter-attack crushing site

Impact system Sand machine has dual functions of crushing and shaping

Impact sand making machine adopts the principle of stone-on-rock or stone-on-iron crushing, and has the dual functions of crushing and shaping. The crushed sand is uniform and fine, and the grade is high.

Impact sand making machine has double functions of crushing and shaping

Impact sand making machine can also be divided into three series, according to the advanced level from low to high. It is the HX sand making machine VSI sand making machine and HVI sand making machine. This equipment has a maximum capacity of 585 tons and a maximum feed size of 55mm. It is mostly used for the production of finely crushed sand.

Sand making site for Gold Mine users

The price of 300 tons of stone crushers varies in one hour, and the direct-sale manufacturer Henan Gold Mine will provide you with an affordable price

one hour The price of a 300-ton stone crusher must be what most users want to know urgently. I believe that users who have known it should know that there is no clear value on the market for the quotation of this capacity crushing equipment, ranging from hundreds of thousands There are several million, and the price difference is huge. This is mainly due to the following reasons.

There are many models of crushing equipment with this capacity. Users choose different types and models of crushers. It is not equal

There are many manufacturers of crushing equipment. Different manufacturers have different materials and forging processes when producing equipment. The quality and performance of the equipment produced are also very different, high quality The price of equipment will naturally be higher.

In addition, the price level of the manufacturers sales model and pricing method, as well as the market situation of sand and gravel, will affect the equipment price.

Seeing is believing, Gold Mine welcomes all users to visit the factory.

In short, users who want to know the specific quotation of the capacity equipment must contact the specific manufacturer, if you have this aspect For your needs, you can click for free consultation, and Gold Mine technicians will serve you online in real time. Henan Gold Mine has been engaged in the mining equipment industry for many years, with strong strength, rich experience, and good reputation, and the equipment sold is self-produced and sold at factory prices. Therefore, under the same quality, the price is more affordable, and Gold Mine sincerely looks forward to your visit.

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