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How much is a granite jaw crusher that processes 200 tons per day



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The large diameter of the feed inlet and the large crushing ratio and high crushing efficiency are the salient features of the jaw crusher. The production capacity per hour can be as high as 1,590 tons, which can meet the various production needs of users. It is widely used in granite, pebbles, limestone and other materials. In the crushing process. Recently, there are always users inquiring about the 200 tons per day granite jaw crusher related questions. The more inquired is the price. The following editor will give you a detailed answer based on this question.

The granite jaw crusher has a large crushing ratio and high crushing efficiency. It is often used as a head crushing equipment and is widely used.

How many granite jaw crushers can handle 200 tons per day Qianyitai

The granite jaw crusher is an important processing equipment in the granite crushing production line. It came out earlier. After years of innovation and optimization, the structure of this equipment is more reasonable and superior in performance. Common granite The jaw crusher includes ordinary jaw crusher, fine jaw crusher, HD German version and CJ European version. Each device can be divided into many models. According to ten hours of daily work, it can meet the daily production of 200 tons of granite jaws. PE250400 is generally recommended for type crushers, but the specific selection and matching depends on the actual needs of users. Different prices are very different. Therefore, the specific price can only be given after the user selects the equipment, and the price will be affected by many factors. The impact of the granite jaw crusher is as follows

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Good equipment casting materials have better workmanship, more refined workmanship, and higher technology content, and the price is naturally slightly more expensive.

2. Manufacturers area

Different regions of the manufacturer will also affect the price of the equipment. In areas such as Beijing and Shanghai, the price level is high, the cost of the manufacturer is higher, and the equipment price will be more expensive.

3. Sales method

When purchasing equipment, users can turn their attention to direct-sale manufacturers, without too many intermediate links, the price will naturally be low.

4. Market conditions

Different During the time period, the price of raw materials such as steel is different, the labor cost is different, and the manufacturing cost of the equipment is different, and the price will be different. At different times, the market demand for equipment will also affect the price of the equipment.

Henan Gold Mine Granite Jaw Crusher Production Line Installation Site

If you want to know the specific price of 200 tons of granite jaw crusher per day, you must consult the specific manufacturer. The editor reminds users that the investment cost of granite jaw crusher as a large-scale mining equipment is relatively high, and users need to consider carefully, and they can go to the manufacturer for on-site inspections and make comparisons before making a decision.

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