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How much is a set of 100,300 tons of pebble sander



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With the continuous advancement of the modernization process, the demand for sand and gravel in the market continues to increase. As natural sand resources are on the verge of exhaustion, serious environmental pollution will be caused during the mining process. In addition, China has introduced relevant policies to restrict mining and ban mining. The phenomenon of sky-high price of sand and gravel has no market, and the emergence of machine-made sand has effectively alleviated this situation. With the good grain size of the finished product, it has gradually replaced natural sand and has been widely used in infrastructure construction, roads, water conservancy and other industries. In other words, the crushing and sand making industry has a large development space and broad investment prospects. Many users have seen this business opportunity and have asked about the price of a 100,300 tons per hour cobblestone sander. This article will provide a detailed answer to this question.

There are many types of cobblestone sanding machines with an output of 100,300 tons per hour.

Cobblestone sand making can be divided into three major steps: coarse crushing, medium and fine crushing and sand making. The equipment used is jaw crushing Machine (coarse crushing) cone crusher (medium-fine crushing) sand making machine, auxiliary equipment such as feeder vibrating screen belt conveyor, etc. Cobblestone sanding machine mainly includes four series of HVI sand making machine, VSI sand making machine, HX sand making Machine mobile sand making machine, the crushing effect and output produced by different equipment are very different, the following is a simple example for you to produce 100,300 tons of cobblestone sand making machine

1. Stationary sand making machine

Gold Mine HVI Sand Making Machine has high output and long service life.

The fixed sand making equipment can meet the requirements of 100,300 tons per hour. The recommended model of the sand machine is HVI1205. This type of sand making machine has both sand making and shaping functions. When used for sand making, the feed size is 45mm, and the hourly output can reach 371 tons. The motor power is 2P250, and the crushing force is large. It has a wide range of applications and is currently the most in demand on the market.

2. Mobile sand making machine

Mobile sand making machine is a product of the new era. In line with the development needs of peoples high-yield and environmental protection, the entire production line is integrated into the mobile frame, and the energy-saving and intelligent degree of energy-saving and environmental protection is high, which is favored by users. The recommended model HX3S2160V103 for mobile sand making equipment with an hourly output of 100,300 tons is This equipment has the following advantages

Gold Mine mobile sand making machine can move a small stone processing plant

a. Free transition and strong adaptability , Mountain wetland climbing various complex environments can be unimpeded.

b. Stop and go, stop and use, immediate operation, no piling required.

c. Hybrid use of oil and electricity, full power, and continuous production under unexpected conditions such as power failure.

d. High degree of automation, one-key control of the overall situation, operation in harsh environments, and production continuity.

e. Low consumption and high production, green and environmental protection, in line with national environmental protection requirements.

There are many cobblestone sanders with an hourly output of 100,300 tons, such as HVI104 0HVI1246HXVSI9526, etc., the specific purchase depends on the actual situation of the user.

The specific price of the 100,300 tons of pebble sander

Gold Mine mobile sand production line has high-yield, flexible and environmentally friendly performance on site.

In recent years, the development trend of the machine-made sand industry has been on the rise, and there are endless sand-making equipment on the market. The production capacity is 100,300 tons per hour. The output requirements are medium demand, and most sand blowers can meet this capacity. Users have many choices, and they can customize a sand blower according to their own needs. Users choose different types and models of sand blowers, and the price varies greatly. Large, ranging from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. If you want to know the price details, you can consult Gold Mine customer service for free, and we have experienced people to answer you for free.

Gold Mines 100,300 tons per hour cobblestone sander is equivalent Quality and affordable

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Gold Mine staff is leading Shanxi users to visit the sand making machine

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