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How to get better development in the use of jaw crusher



2020-09-29 03:57:54 1097

Everyone knows that when we use the jaw crusher, the frame is part of the jaw crusher. During our use, we need to do a lot. We may know very little about the bracket, so in order to increase our user experience, Next, we will explain to you the problem of the bracket of the jaw crusher. Lets take a look at the specifics.

The frame is a four-wall rigid frame with upper and lower openings. To support the eccentric shaft and bear the reaction force of the crushed material, sufficient strength and rigidity are required. Generally, cast steel is used for integral casting. Small machines can also be replaced by high-quality cast iron. The frame of the large machine needs to be cast in sections, and then bolted firmly Linked into a whole, the casting process is complicated. The frame of the self-made small jaw crusher can also be welded by thick steel plate, but the rigidity is poor.

From the above we can It can be seen that the bracket is also very important for the use of our jaw crusher. In our specific use, we must continue to make our jaw crusher have better development, so that we can be worthy of our jaw crusher Hope we can log on to learn more about the economy.