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How to judge the failure of the hammer head of the hammer crusher



2020-10-07 03:57:54 1259

Everyone knows that the hammer is an important part of the hammer crusher. Once damaged, it is not easy to repair. You can only replace the new hammer. Needless to say how complicated the replacement process is. But how to judge the hammer Does the hammer of the crusher fail? Please listen to the following analysis.

Lets analyze the force of the hammer first. In addition to the impact, the hammer also Subject to the scouring of materials, such long-term repeated use will damage the working surface of the hammer head and change the surface shape. If it is used on a reversible crusher, the edges and corners on both sides of the hammer head will be ground into a smooth arc surface. When the surface shape of the hammerhead does not change at the beginning of the work, the hammerhead is mainly subject to impact wear, and the material hits the metal surface with a positive force to produce plastic deformation and impact craters. When the working surface of the hammerhead is ground into a circular arc, the The force on the surface has changed. The original force F on the hammer surface of the hammer head, and now the force F acting on the wear surface can be decomposed into two components, one is the normal force FfFsina perpendicular to the hammer surface, and the other is parallel to the hammer. The tangential force of the surface is FqFcosa. The former has an impact on the hammer head of the impact crusher, and the latter causes cutting erosion on the hammer surface. The size of the two depends on the impact angle a. In the early stage of the hammer head, the impact angle is a90. It is mainly manifested as impact wear. When the hammer head wears, the mouth angle becomes smaller and the Fq becomes larger, which causes the metal to migrate from the hammer surface, which is manifested as scouring wear. This type of wear is the main form of hammer head failure. Despite the impact of materials A certain amount of work hardening can be produced, but the impact force is not enough to form a strong hardened layer on the working surface of the hammer head, resulting in insufficient wear resistance of the hammer head, and ultimately making the hammer head fail in the early stage of work.