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Inertial cone crusher, the nemesis of steel slag jamming



2020-12-04 12:57:54 1148

In production, in order to achieve zero discharge of steel slag, crushing is one of the indispensable processes. The commonly used crusher used for the initial crushing of steel slag is a hydraulic jaw crusher, but it is prone to steel jam problems and resource utilization. Low and high energy consumption. In order to avoid the above problems and improve the crushing efficiency of steel slag, an inertial cone crusher can be used as the crusher of the steel slag crushing process.

What is an inertial cone crusher?

The inertial cone crusher is a kind of crushing machinery and equipment with a very wide range of applications. Its characteristics such as the crushing ratio is greater than the crushing, less energy saving and consumption reduction, etc., the inertial cone crusher has high output Energy-saving vibrating crushing working method has the advantages of large crushing force and large adjustable crushing ratio, fine and uniform product size, low unit power consumption, and the advantages of being able to crush brittle materials of any hardness. It is an ideal energy-saving ultra-fine crushing equipment.

Second inertial cone crusher can overcome the reasons of stuck steel

1 Good crushing effect

Inertial cone crusher has good The effect of selective crushing of the material layer, because it is packed with the feed, the crushed steel slag is subjected to a full range of squeezing and shearing and strong pulsating impact in the crushing cavity, and the particles in the material layer interact, resulting in forced self-restraint between the particles. The crushed steel slag has a good grain shape. After the steel slag is fully crushed, it is not easy to produce steel jam.

2The product has fine particle size

Because there will be a large volume in the steel slag Steel block, when steel slag is crushed with an ordinary crusher, steel jams often occur, and inertial cone crusher has good iron passing performance. When steel slag is crushed, small steel blocks in steel slag are often flattened and discharged directly from the crushing cavity , When a large steel block (alloy) blocks the moving cone, because the moving cone and the transmission mechanism are not rigidly connected, the exciter will continue to rotate around the cone shaft, and the transmission mechanism and the host will not be damaged. The normal operation of the equipment is ensured. The inertial cone crusher crushes steel slag from 80mm to 10mm and below. The product content is above 90%. The fine particle size of steel slag is quite ideal, and the production requirements can be fully met.