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Installation method of main components of hammer crusher



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Hammer crushers will have a certain frequency and intensity of vibration during normal use. In order to avoid excessive vibration, hammer crushers are generally installed on concrete foundations. In order to effectively reduce vibration and noise, they will also be installed on equipment and concrete foundations. Put hardwood pad rubber bands or other cushioning materials between them. In addition, the location of the equipment should be separated from the plant to avoid harmful vibrations to the plant. Then, what is the specific installation method of the hammer crusher? Everyone will give a detailed introduction.

Hammer crusher workshop

The installation method of the main components of the hammer crusher

If the hammer crusher wants high-yield and stable operation, reasonable and correct installation is particularly important. The following is the installation method of the main components of the hammer crusher to help you better operate the hammer crusher.

1 .Before installation of the rack, carefully check whether the contact surface is correct. The horizontal and vertical adjustment of the rack should be based on the bearing as the reference surface, and measured on the horizontal axis. The general tolerance is 0.15mm per meter. The longitudinal horizontal tolerance is generally 0.5 per meter. mm.

2. When installing the hammer head of the hammer crusher, the hammer head should be weighed, and then installed in a balanced and symmetrical radial direction. The arrangement of the two symmetrical rows of hammer heads is the heaviest in the middle. The gradation is performed in a decreasing manner to both sides.

3. After the components are installed on the spindle of the rotor hammer crusher, the split pin is not completely broken, and the static balance check of the rotor is performed, and then the static force Test. After reaching the dynamic balance, install it on the lower frame, fix the upper cover of the bearing seat with bolts, and tighten the nuts.

A corner of the large hammer crusher workshop

4. The upper frame first, install the liner in the upper frame, and then install the side plate and the folding plate on it. After adjusting the position, fix it with bolts and nuts.

5. The lower frame of the lower frame hammer crusher should be adjusted on the foundation with the help of steel wedges. The installation base should be straight and the anchor bolts should be tightened repeatedly. In addition, the machine There must be no dust leakage at the connection between the frame and the foundation surface.

6. When installing the grate bar and the eccentric wheel, you need to turn the rotor 35 times by hand to observe whether there is interference with the hammer or Where the gap is unreasonable, tighten the nut after passing the inspection, and tighten it symmetrically. Adjust the gap between the inner surface of the grate screen and the top of the hammer head to rotate the eccentric pin shaft and adjust the gap to 1013mm, which can control the hammer crusher product Uniformity of particle size.

Structure diagram of hammer crusher

Working principle of hammer crusher

The hammer crusher is mainly composed of the upper and lower shell transmission parts sieve plates, etc., its structure design is reasonable, the impact resistance is strong, and the super crushing force can realize the coarse, medium and fine crushing in one step, and the finished product has good grain shape and large output. Increase by about 30%, reduce powder by more than 20%, more high-yield and energy-saving, the specific working principle of the hammer crusher As follows

The hammer crusher adopts the principle of percussion crushing and relies on impact energy to complete the crushing of materials. When the hammer crusher is running, the rotor is driven by the motor to make high-speed rotation, and the impact The material in the cavity forms crushing work such as impact cutting, tearing, etc.At the same time, under the action of its own gravity, the material flies to the liner and screen bar in the machine cavity at high speed, and impact and crushing occurs. In this process, the materials will also interact with each other. Collision and crushing until the strength requirements are met, they are removed from the discharge port, and the materials that do not meet the particle size requirements are returned to the crushing chamber for re-crushing.

Gold Mine Hammer Crushing Machine installation site

Common failures and solutions of hammer crushers

1 The discharge granularity of the hammer crusher is too large

Solutions hammer crushing The discharge granularity of the machine is too large, mostly due to the excessive wear of the hammer head, or the break of the screen bar, just replace the hammer head or the screen bar.

2 The capacity of the hammer crusher is changed. Less

Solution The capacity of the hammer crusher is reduced. It may be due to the blockage of the screen gap, or the feeding process is not uniform and continuous. You can stop the machine to check whether there is a blockage in the screen gap and adjust the feeding System.

3Bearing overheating

Solution When the bearing of the hammer crusher is overheated, check whether the grease in the equipment is insufficient or excessive. Check whether the grease has deteriorated or mixed with impurities Check whether the bearing is damaged.

4 The hammer machine makes a knocking sound.

Solution The hammer machine makes a knocking sound. You can check whether the pin is loose or the elastic ring occurs. Wear and tear Check whether the foreign body liner and other parts in the crushing cavity are loose or broken.

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Hammer crusher is one of the commonly used equipment in sand and gravel crushing production line. The reasonable and correct use of hammer crusher can not only extend the service life of the equipment, but also increase the output of the equipment in the degree of movement, which can create more for users. Multi-interest. Users who are interested in hammer crushers or want to learn more about hammer crushing can consult Henan Gold Mine for free.

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