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Integrate waste resources and strengthen research on mechanism sand and gravel technology



2020-07-08 21:57:54 1114

In recent years, China has paid more attention to sustainable development and green environmental protection, and has introduced a series of macro-control policies. For this reason, major enterprises have to consider adopting integrated waste resources and strengthening mechanism sand and gravel technology research to analyze the feasibility of production investment. Comprehensive consideration of the impact on the ecological environment and a series of measures such as comparative analysis of social and economic benefits to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, and then to carry out production.

With the continuous mining efforts in China Increasing, over-exploitation of mines and low grades have led to an increase in abandoned mines. The reuse of abandoned rocks will become a future development trend. Resource recycling is promising. The waste resource production mechanism sand and stone industry is in the ascendant, and mechanism sand equipment manufacturers will surely set off competition. The climax of the use of waste resources to produce machine-made sand and gravel to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction has been put on the agenda of machine-made sand production, which has also been included in the governments indicators for the integration of sand and stone mining resources. In order to make full use of the large amount of low taste in the area Calcium oxide exceeds the standard of waste ore resources, so that waste can be recycled, so that cement products and broken stone can be directly synthesized into concrete products on construction sites simultaneously, so as to achieve greater corporate output and profit.

For this reason, the reporter recently visited the vice president of the China Sand and Stone Association who has studied the sand and gravel industry. It is a case of domestic use of waste resources to produce sand and gravel, and analyzes the production of waste resources. He pointed out that with the continuous increase in mining efforts and the low grade of over-exploitation of mines, the number of abandoned mines has increased, and the reuse of abandoned rocks will become the trend of future development.