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Is there a fully automatic machine that breaks river pebbles into sand? What is the price (with live video)



2021-01-04 03:57:55 1145

With the continuous development of society, people generally pursue a high-yield economy and a green economy. The sand and gravel crushing industry is no exception. Due to the high site requirements, the traditional fixed crushing equipment has its own limitations such as long production cycles and frequent infrastructure construction. Demand, users are gradually turning their attention to fully automatic crushing equipment.

Fully automatic crushing equipment is what we often call mobile crushing stations. According to the different crushing effects, it can be divided into mobile crushing equipment and mobile systems. There are two major types of sand equipment. This article mainly introduces the mobile sand making machine that crushes river pebbles into sand, to help you better understand the performance advantages of this equipment, and provide a detailed quotation.

Gold Mine automatic sand making machine opens a new era of mobile sand making

River pebble mobile sand making machine swallows river pebble and spit out high-quality sand

The mobile sand making machine is a combination of a fixed sand making machine and a tire or crawler-type movable frame, which can freely transition and has strong adaptability to the site. The host of this equipment can be based on user needs. Free to match the HVI sand making machine VSI sand making machine and HX sand making machine, the body is flexible and changeable, either a single device can operate independently, or multiple devices can be combined to form a powerful sand making production line.

1. Outstanding environmental protection advantages

The river pebble mobile sand making machine adopts a closed production mode and is equipped with advanced dust removal spray noise reduction and other environmental protection devices. The entire sand making process is green and environmentally friendly. , In line with national environmental protection requirements.

2. Convenient transition and strong adaptability to complex terrain

The river pebble mobile sand making machine is equipped with a tire or crawler type. The mobile chassis can be freely transferred according to needs, without infrastructure, no auxiliary equipment, simple debugging can be quickly put into production, and strong adaptability to the site, especially the crawler mobile equipment can adapt to various complex terrains such as mountain slopes and depressions.

3. Reliable operation and high degree of intelligence

The river pebble mobile sand making machine is a relatively advanced equipment in the current crushing industry, and it is the introduction of advanced mining machine technology at home and abroad R & D, high degree of intelligence, remote control, simple and fast operation, stable and reliable operation of the equipment.

4. The body configuration is flexible, the crushing is high-yield, and the finished product has good grain shape

The main crusher of the river pebble mobile sand making machine can choose the appropriate equipment according to the users actual processing material crushing effect and other requirements, and the whole crushing process is efficient and stable. The finished product has a good grain shape.

5. Quick return on costs, low comprehensive use cost

One piece of equipment of the river pebble mobile sand making machine is equivalent to a whole production line, which goes directly to the construction site, without infrastructure, and requires auxiliary equipment Less, simple debugging can be put into production, saving a lot of time, manpower and material resources, quick return on costs, low investment and high return.

Gold Mine mobile sand making production line stable production on site, saving Environmental protection

The site of mobile sand making production line for river pebble (with video)

The site of mobile sand making production line for river pebble with an hourly output of 200 tons in Changzhi, Shanxi

Hourly output: 200TH

Raw material name: River pebble

Raw material hardness: Hard

Feeding size: 500mm

Shanxi Changzhi mobile sand production line live video

The material crushed by users in Shanxi Changzhi is treated river pebbles, and the particle size of the material is relatively small and uniform. There is no need for rough crushing. In line with the concept of thinking for the user, the Gold Mine technicians are equipped with HX3S185GYS300 tire cone crusher mobile crushing station HX3S1848V08 tire sand making machine vibrating screen mobile crushing station according to the actual situation of users, the entire production line The configuration is reasonable and the layout is compact, which gives full play to the value of the equipment and realizes low investment and high return for users.

The price details of the river pebble mobile sand making machine are here

Mobile type There are many types of sand making machines, and the output performance and crushing effects of different types of equipment are different. The purchase cost of different types of equipment for users to choose from is huge. At the same time, only reasonable matching and selection are suitable for the actual production situation of users. In order to fully explore the equipment capacity and use limited resources to obtain greater benefits, users who are confused about equipment selection, and users who need to design the production line can consult Henan Gold Mine.

Gold Mine automatic crushing The sand machine production workshop is ingenious to create high-quality equipment.

Henan Gold Mine is located in Zhengzhou, Henan. It is a strong manufacturer that produces large-scale mining equipment. Modern large-scale production plants and senior technical teams make Gold Mine produce The quality of the equipment is reliable and the advanced configuration, the factory direct sales business model, and the low price level in Henan make the Gold Mine equipment affordable while ensuring quality. Users who are interested in automatic river pebble crushing equipment can consult Henan Gold Mine and Gold Mine for free. The staff can provide you with free consultation and selection and quotation services.

The Gold Mine automatic sand crusher is of high quality and low price, and is being shipped quickly