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It is not that difficult to change the motor by yourself in the DIY series of impact crusher



2020-11-10 12:57:54 1126

In our daily operation of the impact crusher, the operators cannot predict whether the motor will burn out, but it is very important to restore the motor to normal in time, because this affects whether our workshop production plan can be completed on time and in quantity , The so-called far water can not save the near fire, please go to the after-sales support of the impact crusher, it is too slow and too troublesome. In fact, our impact crusher operators can check and disassemble the motor by themselves. Lets introduce the DIY disassembly of the motor. I hope to bring you some help.

1. For motors equipped with rolling bearings, first remove the bearing outer cover, and then loosen the end cover. Tighten the screws, and mark the joints between the end cover and the chassis shell (the marks on the front and rear end covers should not be the same), and screw the screws of the removed end cover into the motor end cover. In the two screw holes of the, push the end cap out.
2. When disassembling the motor with the brush, the brush should be taken out of the brush holder, and the DC motor should be removed, and the brush should be neutral. Mark the position of the wire.
3. When pulling out the rotor, you must be careful not to damage the stator coil. If the rotor is not heavy, you can pull out the heavier by hand, and you should use a lifting device to lift it out. First put the two ends of the rotor shaft with a lifting wire rope to hang the rotor with a lifting device, and slowly remove it, taking care to prevent damage to the coil.

4. Use tools to come. To remove the pulley or coupling on the motor shaft, sometimes it is necessary to add some kerosene to the gap between the motor shaft of the pulley to make it penetrate and lubricate, and it is easy to disassemble. Some shafts and wheels are tightly matched, but also need Heat the wheel quickly (while covering the shaft with a damp cloth) before the wheel can be removed.

Finally, I want to say that everyone should not make the counterattack too complicated, after all, it looks good. Things are also designed by people. We can treat it as our own big toy and partner. We can solve many vehicle problems by ourselves without endangering our own safety. For example, DIY replacement of motors is not only saving time and money, but also more effective. Let us know more about the impact crusher and find the fun of doing it yourself.

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