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It is urgent to solve the problems encountered in starting the jaw crusher



2020-08-04 18:57:54 1132

When the jaw crusher starts, you will encounter unexpected problems. At this time, you should not bother, carefully observe, analyze the problem, solve the problem, and make improvement measures, so that you can make better use of the machine.

In the process of long-term use, the jaw crusher will have a large starting impulse current, skipping trips, and may also have difficulty starting. The jaw crusher has a starting dead angle. The crane must be used to drive the flywheel to turn through the dead angle before starting. Then start normally. Below we will make a detailed analysis of these problems.

The first problem is that the starting inrush current is large and the skipping tripping. This crusher uses S630100, 4 The transformer power supply port also supplies power with a 480KW high-voltage winding motor, belt, fan and other about 350KW load. If other loads start to run, start the jaw crusher. At this time, if the starting current is too large, it will exceed the transformers overcurrent protection Value, a skip trip will occur.

The second problem is that the crusher starts the dead angle, which means that when the crankshaft and the connecting rod are in a straight line, the crankshaft can only rotate The horizontal force of the rod without the force of up and down movement makes the crusher have a greater resistance to start. When the crusher is stopped, it often stops at the dead angle position due to gravity. How to overcome the dead angle resistance to make the crusher start successfully at one time, This is the problem to be solved in this article.

In the past, the flywheel was driven by the crane alone. Today, we have compared the torque of the crane motor and the winding main motor on the flywheel and proved that it is not necessary to start directly without a crane. It is possible.

In view of the above problems, after a lot of calculation and analysis, we have formulated practical and feasible retrofit measures. First of all, for the large starting current, there are often leapfrogs. For the problem of tripping, we use a liquid resistance starting cabinet to replace the original frequency-sensitive coil starting cabinet to reduce the starting current, so that the motor can start the jaw crusher at 11.3le. Secondly, we based on the found dead angle of the crusher. The control part of the liquid resistance starting cabinet has also been reformed, and a time relay is connected in series in the plate control loop, so that the crusher starts in the normal state after 10S at the maximum starting resistance (torque) state to overcome the starting dead angle and solve it The dangerous crane drives the flywheel to rotate.