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Jaw crusher after-sales service rights



2020-10-04 06:57:54 1139

In order to ensure that the jaw crusher is always running in a reasonable state, so that customers can use it with confidence, our company provides high-quality accessories and well-trained jaw crusher internal maintenance personnel to provide owners with prompt, timely and excellent maintenance. And emergency maintenance and after-sales service. The specific after-sales service content is as follows

(1) Freely assign dedicated jaw crusher after-sales service personnel to arrive on-site to guide customers in installation and debugging. br/>(2) On-site training of operators.
(3) Our company has its own factory for wearing parts, and cooperates with the factory to ensure timely supply of original spare parts.
(4) During the warranty period, due to quality or We are responsible for free replacement of parts caused by unnatural wear and tear.
(5) During the warranty period, repairs caused by natural wear and quality problems are free of labor and time.
Our Gold Mine Machine solemnly promises our customers. We will definitely do a good job in after-sales service of equipment such as jaw crusher, take every customers problem seriously in the production and sales process, analyze and study the suggestions made by customers, and make timely improvements to some shortcomings to make the entire production system more Perfect. Jaw crusher 24-hour after-sales service hotline: 037167772727