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Jaw crusher do a good job of flywheel problem can solve safety problems



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The jaw crusher is a coarse crushing equipment often used in the crushing production line, but it will inevitably encounter many problems in the process of use. For example, the flywheel of the jaw crusher fails, so how do we solve the flywheel failure of the jaw crusher? How to better operate and use jaw crusher during our use

Important parts of flywheel jaw crusher

Jaw Common faults and solutions of the flywheel of the crusher

The jaw crusher cannot operate normally for crushing operations, but the observation equipment found that the flywheel parts are still rotating. What is the reason?

The reason is that the flywheel is running, but the jaw crusher is not running. The main reason is that the eccentric shaft pull rod device of the jaw crusher is damaged, causing the toggle plate to lose its support. After the tie rod spring fails, the toggle plate slips from the tie rod support block Due to the heavy workload, the toggle plate of the jaw crusher is broken, the output granularity cannot be adjusted, and the main machine of the jaw crusher stops.

Solution Check the operation of the components related to the toggle plate And make timely adjustments. When the bracket breaks, replace new parts and then install them.

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Precautions for the operation and use of the jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is a commonly used equipment in the crushed sand production line. It has the characteristics of simple structure, stable operation, convenient and fast operation, etc., and is widely used .But in the process of using the jaw crusher for stone crushing, if you want its high-yield operation and durability, we need to use equipment that we reasonably strive for. The following are some points of the use of jaw crushers sorted out by Henan Gold Mine for users Precautions, I hope I can bring help to the user.

1Preparation before starting up

Check whether the main parts of the jaw crusher are in good condition, tighten the bolts and other connections Whether the parts are loose and whether the safety device is complete

Check whether the jaw crushers feeding equipment, conveying equipment, electrical equipment, etc. are intact

Check whether the jaw crushers lubricating device is intact Good, check whether the cooling water pipe valve is open.

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2Startup and normal operation

Use the jaw crusher correctly according to the operating procedures, that is, the starting sequence is the reverse production process.

When starting the main motor of the jaw crusher, pay attention to the ammeter instructions on the control cabinet, after 20s-30s , The current will drop to the normal operating current value

Adjust and control the feeding to make the feeding uniform, and the particle size of the material does not exceed 80% to 90% of the width of the feeding port

The sliding bearing temperature of the jaw crusher should not exceed 60 under normal circumstances, and the rolling bearing temperature should not exceed 70.

When the jaw crusher is automatically tripped during use, if the reason is unknown Because of this, it is strictly prohibited to force continuous start

In case of mechanical failure or personal accident during the use of the jaw crusher, you should stop immediately.

3Precautions when parking

The parking sequence is opposite to the driving sequence, that is, operate in the direction of the production process.

The lubrication and cooling system must be stopped after the crusher is stopped. In winter, the bearing should be released. Circulate cooling water. Avoid bearing freezing and cracking

Clean up and inspect all parts of the machine after stopping.

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