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Jaw crusher performance innovation and its influence by water-bearing materials



2020-11-26 21:57:54 1110

The many advantages of the innovative jaw crusher are deeply loved by different users. One of the important points is that the jaw crusher can adjust the size of the discharge particle size according to the needs. The jaw crusher is an important crushing equipment for rough crushing. The machine is an earlier crushing equipment, its structure is simple and firm, reliable, easy to maintain and repair, and low production and construction costs. It is still an indispensable equipment. But while recognizing him, we should also pay attention to what it can endure Limitations affect its production efficiency.

How to innovate a jaw crusher and freely adjust the size of the discharge particle size

Because the jaw crusher is fixed by the movable jaw plate The jaw plate performs periodic reciprocating movement to adjust the width of the discharge port of the jaw crusher crushing cavity, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the discharge particle size of the material. However, due to design wear and other reasons, the size of the discharge particle size is different , Resulting in a large amount of fertilizer and increased secondary crushing.

In order to avoid the constant wear of the tooth plate due to the accumulation of time, the size of the discharge port will continue to increase, and the product size It also becomes thicker. So keep one adjusting screw to keep the original right-handed, and the other to left-handed. By removing the intermediate gear, tighten the gears on both sides evenly, and when the gap is adjusted properly, insert the intermediate gear to improve again .The jaw crusher no longer has a situation where the gap becomes larger.

When the two jaw crusher crushes high water content materials, The impact of performance

The moisture content is an important factor that affects the performance of the jaw crusher. The research results show that the higher moisture content is not conducive to the crushing of garbage. As the moisture content of the material increases, the small particles in the crushed product The specific gravity of the small-diameter products is significantly lower than that of the small and medium-sized particles in the crushed product under the dry condition. The moisture content has little effect on the crushing performance of the material under the premise of high pressure. Under the premise of different moisture content, the proportion of small-particle products is about 80%. , When crushing under high pressure, the influence of water content can be approximately ignored due to the effect of pressure.

PS is a guaranteed jaw type The crusher equipment is in a good technical condition and can be put into operation at any time, reducing downtime, improving the utilization rate of the jaw crusher, reducing the wear and tear of the jaw crusher, and extending the service life of the jaw crusher to ensure that regular maintenance is mandatory. Correctly handle the relationship between maintenance and repair, and it is not allowed to use only without maintenance or only repair without maintenance.