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Maintenance and cleaning of hydraulic oil of hydraulic cone crusher



2020-11-25 03:57:54 1098

Relevant information shows that 70% to 85% of the causes of hydraulic cone crusher failures are caused by contamination and deterioration of hydraulic oil. In the operation of the equipment, due to the lack of corresponding damping holes or control valve ports for some components, impurities are easy to cause Into the oil, block the gap, and destroy the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic cone crusher clean. To this end, the following points need to be done

1 Put in the hydraulic oil correctly

Select the appropriate hydraulic oil according to the requirements, and do not mix the use of different brands of hydraulic oil. The amount of oil put into the equipment should be appropriate, in the system pipeline and components After being filled with oil, the oil volume of the hydraulic oil tank of the hydraulic cone crusher should be kept within the specified range, which is the basic requirement.

2 Installation and maintenance of the filter

The air filter must be installed, and it must be strictly filtered when refueling to prevent the entry of unnecessary impurities, and the filter must be checked and replaced from time to time to keep the filter clean and intact.

3 Effective protection in use

The protection of hydraulic oil in use is very important. At this time, it is also a stage where hydraulic oil is easily contaminated. It is necessary to do a good job of protection to maintain hydraulic oil Clean to prevent the intrusion of impurities. At this time, you need to check the oxidation degree of the hydraulic oil, the water content and the content of small metal particles.

4 Replace the hydraulic oil correctly

The hydraulic cone crusher oil is in When replacing, it should be just after completion, because the hydraulic oil is still at a high temperature at this time, this time it is easy to release some impurities and oil stains, and the working device should be placed in a higher position to use its own gravity to drain the oil.

5 Correctly clean the hydraulic system

After completion, the hydraulic system needs to be cleaned. Never use kerosene or diesel oil. Clean in an orderly manner. Pay attention to each equipment. When cleaning the corners, use a larger flow rate to clean out the impurities in each corner. Note that the cleaning fluid should be drained while the crusher is still hot.