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Maintenance and management of German version of jaw crusher



2020-10-31 03:57:54 1111

The German version of the jaw crusher is a machine that operates under very harsh working conditions, so it is necessary to do a good job in the maintenance and management of the machine, only in this way can the machine run normally and increase the productivity of the machine. The maintenance management work of the machine mainly includes two aspects, namely, maintenance content and parts management.

One maintenance content

German version of jaw crusher There are roughly three types of planned maintenance of the machine, minor repairs, medium repairs and overhauls. Minor repairs and medium repairs are the main repair methods. Through minor repairs and medium repairs, maintain the equipment to make it work well during the two major repairs, and determine the major repairs The work content. The 2 repair gap times mentioned below are calculated based on three shifts a day.

1 The main content of the minor repair Check and repair the adjustment device, adjust the discharge port gap replacement Worn-out liner, thrust plate repair and replacement of transmission parts, cleaning individual parts of the crusher, replacement of lubricating oil, repair and adjustment of the lubrication system, etc.

2 Medium repair The main content includes all the work content of the minor repair. In addition, replace the worn thrust plate bushing tie rod liner to check the turning, grinding and casting of the eccentric shaft bush, the connecting rod head bush and the movable jaw bush, etc.

3 major repairs The main content includes all the work of the middle repair. In addition, the eccentric shaft of the crusher and the movable jaw mandrel are also replaced and the babbitt alloy on the upper part of the casting connecting rod head is restored and all worn parts and components are corrected. The equipment has undergone technological innovation.

Two parts management

During the operation of the German version of the jaw crusher, the frictional force of each part Under the action of wear, the parts that are easier to wear and consume are the movable liner, the fixed liner, the flat liner, the lower flat liner, the thrust plate, the support pad (slider), the rolling bearing or the sliding bearing spring, etc. But sometimes due to long-term wear or The accident caused premature wear and damage.The movable jaw, movable jaw shaft, eccentric shaft, eccentric shaft, eccentric bearing, movable jaw bearing adjustment seat (support pad), rolling bearing seat, V-belt pulley and flywheel, and body parts also need to be repaired to ensure its efficiency.