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Make the principle and structure of the fine crusher clearer



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1. The working principle of the fine crusher

The raw materials are fed into the feed port of the crusher through the feeding equipment (such as the belt conveyor plate feeder), and then enter the crushing cavity. The high-speed rotating rotor driven by

is hit head-on by the hammer, and the large pieces of material are immediately crushed, and the pieces fly up to the counterattack plate at high speed, for a second collision and crushing, rebounding materials and subsequent The flying materials collide with each other and the crushed materials are crushed in the first cavity and then enter the second cavity for repeated crushing.Finally, they are filtered and crushed by the discharge grate. The materials that meet the requirements are discharged from the grate gap, and the coarser materials return to the first cavity to be broken again. br/>

Because the material layer is densely suspended in the crushing chamber, the material that subsequently enters the crusher is like a bullet hitting the target, and is shot into the dense material layer and broken

The inside of the crushing cavity is just like a forest of bullets and bullets flying horizontally. The materials collide with each other at a high speed to produce high-yield cleavage and fragmentation. The fine particles after the crushing are produced

violent grinding and produce a large amount of fine powder. Finally, the qualified fine powder is discharged through the grate seam.

Since 70% 80% of the crushing in the stone crusher is generated by the collision between the materials, the wear load of the hammer lining is only conventional

20% 30% of the crushing machine, a large amount of harmful work used to wear the hammer head liner in the past is converted into useful work for crushing materials, so it is truly realized that the stone is hit.

Cleavage and crushing. Compared with conventional crushers, the XPCF fine crusher has lower power consumption, longer wear parts life, and increased crushing ratio.

2. Fine crusher composition structure

The main body of XPCF series crusher is mainly composed of rotor shell crushing cavity discharge grate and transmission mechanism.

XPCF series fine crusher is divided into two assembly methods, left transmission and right transmission. , The definition of the assembly method is to look at the direction of the conveying material (or stand in the direction of the feeding port), the transmission device is located on the left side of the crusher, which is called left-mounted, and vice versa. When ordering, please indicate whether it is left-mounted or right-mounted.