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Material and selection of hammer head of hammer crusher



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The hammer crusher is a commonly used crushing equipment in the crushing equipment, and the hammer is an important part of the hammer crusher, and it is also an easy to wear part and a component that consumes a lot. When the hammer is worn to a certain extent, the crushing efficiency To reduce a lot, the hammer face has to be reversed or the hammer head replaced. The wear mechanism of the hammer head is mainly scouring wear, accompanied by low-stress impact wear. Therefore, the choice of hammer head material not only requires consideration of the wear mechanism, but also according to the work Consider the conditions and the size of the hammer. The size of the hammer crusher and the weight of the hammer. The larger the size of the crusher, the heavier the weight of the hammer, and the greater the size of the material to be crushed. Therefore, the hammer is subject to The greater the impact load of the hammer. Therefore, when selecting the material, you should first consider increasing the hardness of the hammer while ensuring the toughness of the hammer.

Then how to improve the use of the hammer The life of the hammer lies in the analysis of its working conditions and wear mechanism, and the reasonable selection of materials according to the working conditions. Generally, the materials of the hammer head are the following

1, low alloy steel hammer head, toughness and Hardness is a contradiction. Therefore, when choosing the material, you must fully understand the working conditions and the wear mechanism, and choose the material reasonably.

The hammer head can withstand impact wear and cutting wear to varying degrees during use. , Put forward the requirements of high toughness and high hardness for the materials used. Although the high chromium cast iron composite hammer has a high service life, its manufacturing process is complicated. It is strictly forbidden to enter the crusher when the colleague. Generally, it is required to be at the front end of the feed There is a two-stage iron absorption device. For this reason, in recent years, a variety of multi-element low-alloy steel hammers have been developed, the matrix structure of which has martensite, bainite or martensite plus bainite composite structure. Under the same working conditions Its service life is more than double that of high-manganese steel hammers.

2, medium-manganese steel hammers, high-manganese steels are Chips mixed in sodalite powder will affect the sintering quality of ceramic products.

In order not to increase the price of the hammer, it can achieve the effect of the use of the ZGMn13 hammer. According to the reduction of manganese content, Austenitic The theoretical basis for improving the deformation and hardening effect of austenite is stable and decreased. People have developed a medium manganese steel hammer (manganese content of 5% to 9%). Its actual service life is increased by more than 50% compared with ZGMn13, and it has achieved better Use effect. The service life of the as-cast medium manganese steel hammer head developed by us is more than 60% longer than that of ZGM13 when crushing albite. At the same time, the as-cast medium manganese steel hammer head has the advantage that it is magnetic and can be separated by magnetic separation. Remove the iron filings in the ore to ensure the sintering quality of ceramic products.

3, High manganese steel hammer head, high manganese steel is still the traditional material of hammer head, after years of observation, it has been found that high manganese steel hammer head It is not wear-resistant and has a short service life. As the material of large hammers, reinforced high manganese steel is still an alternative material. The reinforced high manganese steel hammer with Cr added, when crushing iron ore, the service life of the hammer Compared with ordinary high manganese steel, it is 50% higher. In addition, super high manganese steel with a manganese content of 17% and 19% can also be used. At the same time, CrMo and other elements are added to improve yield. The properties such as clothing strength and initial hardness have also been used in actual production.

The hammer head for crushing limestone can generally work for 23 months. Under some conditions, the use of By one week, the reason why the high-strength steel hammer is not wear-resistant is that the wear of the hammer is mainly due to scouring wear, and the other is that the impact force of the hammer of the hammer crusher is not large during operation. The work hardening effect of the high manganese steel hammer is not significant. The greater the weight of the hammer, the greater the impact force and the more significant its strengthening effect. Therefore,