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New method of crushing ore



2020-08-29 12:57:54 1115

In the high-speed development environment, increasing speed is the key, so while we continue to improve equipment, we also need to study new methods of crushing ore. In terms of the large consumption of mill steel, the energy consumption of worn steel is amazing. The new methods of crushing ore currently studied include thermal crushing, electric heating, hydroelectric reflection, and crushing methods using other energy sources. However, in addition to the Snyder decompression crushing method, semi-industrial comparative experiments have been completed. The above may be applied soon, and the others are only initial research. Thermal crushing is actually a combination of heat and mechanical force. The method of heat treatment is used to weaken the ore, and then mechanically crushed to improve the crushing effect. Several years ago, The U.S. Bureau of Mines has found that a spodumene ages at 1001100 degrees and becomes soft and easy to wear spodumene. Mineralogy indicates that quartz becomes a quartz at 573 degrees, and the volume increases by 2.4% a quartz at 870 degrees a tridymite , The volume increases by 12.7% a tridymite becomes a cristobalite at 1470 degrees, and the volume increases by 4.7%. The volume expansion will cause tensile stress or shear stress damage. Therefore, quartz-containing rock ores are more conducive to thermal crushing. The method of heat treatment improves the grindability. Other researchers have conducted experiments on quartz-containing or non-quartzite mineral materials. The results confirmed that the thermal stress generated by the heat treatment can improve the grindability and report the economic rationality. Positive view. The principle of electrothermal irradiation is that under the action of high-frequency and ultra-high frequency electromagnetic fields, minerals that are easy to absorb electromagnetic energy are heated rapidly, and other minerals only obtain heat by heat conduction, and the different heating speeds cause temperature stress between the minerals. Therefore, the original strength is reduced by about 1234. The United States has conducted experiments to crush iron flint ore under a coil magnetic field of 47 megacycles and 25 kilowatts. The Soviet Union has operated granite and other liquids under capacitor plates of 0.550 megacycles and 614 kilovolts. Electricity is reflected in the liquid for high-voltage and instantaneous pulse discharge, and extremely high pressure is generated in the discharge area, which can break the object. This effect is called the hydroelectric effect, which is also the hydroelectric reaction. This method has been used for large ore crushing experiments. , In the 65 kV, 45 microfarad, 25 microhenry discharge circuit, broken granite and quartz and other unqualified chunks, the energy consumption per cubic meter is about 0.050.15 kilowatts. This method has also been done 1007050mm The experiment of crushing the shale, jasper iron rock and angle rock below 5mm.
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