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Reasons for the high temperature of jaw crusher bearings



2020-11-01 06:57:54 1130

It is understood that the bearing is the more important part of the jaw crusher. It is necessary to always pay attention to the bearing temperature state under high temperature work, but it is inevitable that the bearing temperature will be too high during the operation. We start from the following aspects to find out the jaw The reason for the high temperature of the bearing of the type crusher, and a good solution has been formulated.

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Causes of excessively high bearing temperature of jaw crusher

1 Bearing wear or cage damage, etc.

Check the wearable parts of mechanical equipment in time, and replace the worn bearings.
2 Axial movement of the tightening bushing

Remove the bearing cover on the frame, tighten the fixed bushing and remove the flywheel or sheave, and replace it with a new one. Set the bushing.

3 The position of the flywheel counterweight of the crusher is off, and the frame jumps

Adjust the position of the flywheel counterweight to ensure that the position is not off.

4 The oil hole is blocked and the oil cannot be added.

Clean up the blockage in the oil hole and oil groove.

5 The bearing is cut off or the oil is injected too much. Multi

When the equipment is running, please read the instructions carefully, and according to the instructions, add oil on time and quantitatively.

6 Non-bearing heating

It is the friction and heating of the movable jaw seal sleeve and the end cover or the double-inlaid cover of the frame bearing seat and the main shaft rotate together, and the friction heating. Gold Mine Heavy Industry recommends that the end cover and seal sleeve of the jaw crusher should be replaced in this case, or the machine should be loosened The upper bearing cover at the heating end of the bearing housing of the frame is pressed into the bearing housing groove of the frame with the fuse and the embedded cover, and then the bearing cover is fixed to eliminate the rotation of the embedded cover.

Bearings for important parts of jaw crusher

Bearings for important parts of jaw crusher

The above is the over temperature I believe that after reading this article, users can more calmly deal with the phenomenon of excessive bearing temperature, and can better use and maintain the jaw crusher.

Use the jaw crusher correctly and reasonably. , Can delay its service life

As the vanguard in the crushing production line, the jaw crusher is often larger in size, the working environment is more severe, and wear and tear will occur during long-term use. Such failures are inevitable, but reasonable operation and maintenance of the jaw crusher can effectively extend its service life.Even if a failure occurs, the jaw crusher can be fully understood and the failure can be solved quickly and quickly. Reduce downtime and ensure long production time.

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